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The Joy of Reading Roleplaying Games

I was browsing a couple of sites about gaming yesterday evening before getting ready for bed, and I came across this article in The Guardian...

The Joy of Reading Role-Playing Games

...and it got me to thinking.

While I'm lucky enough to have a good number of players that want to play games, and I can make the time to run roleplaying games, it strikes me that there must be a lot of folks who don't have time to actually play/run them, don't have players, and a variety of other reasons, but who still buy roleplaying game rulebooks and supplements but never actually run or play the games themselves.

So a question for folks: How do folks feel about this issue? How many folks reading this blog entry buy rpgs, either rules or supplements, that they'll never play?

And any other thoughts that people reading this LJ entry might want share or comment about stuff?
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