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Last night, the Wednesday night players continued to play their Chill 3rd Edition RPG campaign. Here are the game session notes. You can read about the previous session in this journal entry. This blog entry is relatively long, so I've put it behind a cut so that folks who don't want to read any detailed rpg posts don't have to.


"Jana Kraczmir"/Janet Knosatin (Donna) - Television Journalist
Matthew Wilkins (DavidW) - Farmer
Wendy Davis (Kendall) - University Student
Alanna Blackwater (Crystal) - Casino Worker, Fortuneteller

April 11th, 2014 (Friday)

Janet Knosatin begins the day by going to the Fields Real Estate offices in Nepean, and arranges through her sheer ability to charm people an impromptu meeting with Edgar Fields, the son of the owner, and one of the best real estate agents the company has. Edgar is somewhat reluctant to discuss the Orbach farm with her, but he eventually tells her what he knows of James Harman and his death, though he says that the Orbach farm has a rather...tainted and sordid history. While he won't go into the farm's history with her, he does tell her that Fields Real Estate obtained the rights and deeds to the farm from Shape and Sons, Realtors when they folded some years back. He does tell her that James Harman was a good real estate agent, and that he was a family man and had two young children, a daughter and a son. He doesn't know the details of the man's death at the Orbach farm, saying that it's not something the police are giving out to every Tom, Dick, and Harriet, but Janet figures she can find that out later with her connections. She thanks him for his time, and gets in touch with Matthew Wilkins to let him know what she's learned.

When Matthew Wilkins hangs up the phone, he realises that he's somewhat out of his depth in regards to the assignment and personnel that SAVE has put on this one, and decides to see what his farming contacts have to say about the Orbach farm. After several phone calls, he reaches Harvey Marshall, a farmer friend of his who used to live in Stittsville. Marshall is somewhat reluctant to talk to him about the Orbach farm, but when he tells Marshall that he's thinking of looking to purchase the Orbach place, Marshall agrees to meet with him for lunch.

After finishing up one of her morning classes, Wendy Davis finally has a bit of time to do some research on Orbach farm and its history. She's somewhat horrified at what she learns: the death of Henry Orbach in 1952 at the hands of his wife, and all that followed from it; the seeming haunting of the house starting in 1955, and the deaths and strange incidents that have occurred at the house over the time since; the fact that Orbach farm has not been saleable since Millicent Watson Orbach moved away to Manitoba; and a few other things about the place. She calls Matthew Wilkins, but he's not answering his phone [as he's in transit], and leaves him a message saying they need to talk.

Near mid-morning, Alanna Blackwater is preparing for her day and the casino work she'll be doing that night when she has a premonition: she's in a wooden structure, there's the smell of something animal, and an axe flying through the air at her! She lets out a scream, and her co-worker Carla asks if she's all right. The pale-faced Alanna reassures her that she is, and when Carla moves off, Alanna calls Matthew Wilkins, but gets no answer. She calls Janet Knosatin, and tells her what's happened. Janet is somewhat worried about the matter, as she knows of Alanna's premonition Art, and tries to reassure the fortuneteller and casino worker, but Alanna is not heartened. She also confides in Janet that she's not looking forward to the trip to Stittsville as she has a problem with open spaces. When Janet asks her if she wants to not go with them to Stittsville on Saturday, Alanna bristles somewhat and says that she won't shirk her SAVE responsibilities.

Janet gets in touch with a friend she has in the Ottawa PD, Sgt. Mack Harper. He's pleased to hear from her again, and when the pleasantries between the two are concluded, she asks what he can tell her about the death of a real estate agent, James Harman. Mack says that he doesn't know about the details off-hand, but says he'll get back to her later in the day.

Matthew Wilkins meets with Harvey Marshall at one of the pubs out in the Merivale area. Marshall is somewhat suspicious at first, but Matthew puts him at his ease, and Marshall tells him what he knows about the Orbach farm. Matthew learns of the death of Henry Orbach at the hands of his wife; how the farmhouse and its environs have been haunted since the mid-1950s; of some of the stories that Marshall heard about people getting hurt, scared, and/or killed at the farm, and how the area around the farm is shunned by most sane folks. He advises Matthew not to put in an offer on the Orbach farm, as no good can come of it.

That evening, the player characters meet once more at the coffee shop where they met the night before. The player characters exchange information about what they've learned, and Janet tells the others that she's learned that James Harman died of a heart attack, but that her police contact told her that the report by the local officer in Stittsville who found him noted that there was a terrible rictus on his face and several slash marks on his torso and legs. Alanna tells the others of her premonition, and both Matthew and Wendy are concerned about this, but she tells both of them that she has no thought of backing out of the SAVE operation, and says she'll meet them at the designated spot for the drive to Stittsville the next morning. Alanna leaves for her shift at the casino. The rest of the characters part ways, and make the preparations they need for the trip to Stittsville the next morning.

The Wednesday night game session of Chill 3rd Edition was one that I really enjoyed, as the players went about their investigative business, learned some horrifying facts, and one of the player characters had a premonition that has her worried. The game session had some good roleplaying moments, the players seemed to enjoy themselves quite a bit, and several of the players have formed some interesting theories about what's going on at the farmhouse.

Overall, a great session of the Chill 3rd Edition game system, and I'm rather looking forward to the next Wednesday night game session.


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