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HEX Game Session, Last Night

Friday night's game session was pretty nifty, as Nick continued the Hollow Earth Expedition scenario that he's been running for four weeks. I haven't posted about the game in a couple of weeks, but the last journal entry on the game can be found by following the link. That said, I thought folks might be interested in the last two sessions, including last night, so...

In the session two weeks ago, we arrived in Africa on the Kenyan Queen after an attempt was made on the life of Thomas Redfield, the big game hunter, by an irate former ex-porter, Wasid, who felt slighted after the last time Redfield had employed him - and he had a few friends on the tramp steamer with him. Arriving in Africa, we made enquiries into the Makimbo tribe, and where they could be found, and learned they made their home in South Africa's dense jungles. Travelling south to the region, the secretary, Wanda Rotherdam, and Adam Handley, the con man, organized the expedition to travel into the interior. I went along with them, to keep an eye on things, and make sure they didn't snafu the deal at all, and things went pretty smoothly, although I didn't really trust a couple of the people hired for the trip. The native guide, Chaga, had me somewhat concerned for sure. Meanwhile, Kate Barr made some inquiries about her fiancée, and learned several snippets of information, but much of it had to do with occult mumbo jumbo.

The trip into the depths of the African rainforest was, to say the least, quite fun, with several encounters with wild animals, some totem warnings left by the Makimbo once we entered their territory, and a few pit traps and the like. Nothing too unusual, at least not for Pulp adventure in the 1930's in deepest, darkest Africa! :)

Arriving in the region controlled by the Makimbo, we were attacked by ape-men. Most of the porters fled into the jungle, no doubt scared off by the Makimbo's appearance (somewhat hirsute, almost like large, pot-bellied apemen), and the native guide, Chaga, tried to kill Thomas Redfield, claiming that the big game hunter had been responsible for the death of his brother during an expedition seven years ago. In the middle of all of this, the Makimbo took all of us captive. The Makimbo set up a small "arena"-like arrangement where the two of them could fight. In the arena, Redfield managed to kill Chaga, barely, but took a serious wound to the chest from the spear Chaga had been wielding (he ran out of Style points, so couldn't absorb too much of the damage). We finished the session with all of us player characters being escorted out of the camp, and left as sacrifices for some deity the Makimbo worshipped. Needless to say, as a giant ape-like creature came up to the tied up party, Kate realized what the occult mumbo jumbo had meant...

Last night's session continued immediately on from the previous week's events. Using his larceny skills, Adam Handley managed to escape his bonds, and started to free the rest of the characters. The weakened Thomas Redfield grabbed up the nearest object and threatened the creature, but I had the bright idea to take a small pouch of flash powder that I had on me (it cost me 2 Style points to find it in my pocket) and light it, while tossing it at the big, ape-like creature. My aim was somewhat off - I'm a reporter, not a grenado thrower! - but the thunderous sound it made and the bright flash scared the creature off, and we fled into the jungle.

We came to a rock-strewn, hilly region dotted with forestation, and Wanda Rotherdam remembered her boss (Kate's fiancée)'s written journal entry about finding some caves on the first expedition he had made to this area. Using a few stout branches, and cloth from our clothing, we made our way to the caves, and sought shelter. Thomas Redfield noticed that the creature did not follow us to the caves, and this worried all of us. The cave we entered had tracks leading to and from it, as Redfield noticed, and we were cautious. We found a lot of supplies of various kinds at the cave, and Kate Barr remembered some of what she had learned while inquiring about William Johnson when we arrived in Africa. Gathering up what we thought we needed, we proceeded to the back of the cave, where found an entrance into a tunnel system.

The tunnels were quite cramped, full of "nasty, creepy crawly things" (to quote Joanne's Wanda), and we had to fight off a couple of over-sized African spiders, but eventually the party emerged on the edge of the Makimbo village! Several of the more stealthy characters snuck into the village, and found what we feared the most in one of the huts - the emaciated, quite dead body of William Johnson, Kate Barr's missing fella. Adam Hundley and Thomas Redfield went and retrieved most of our weapons, while Wanda returned and told Kate and me about what they had found. I consoled Kate while we waited for the return of the others.

Adam and Thomas came dashing back with the sound of the Makimbo hot on their heels, and we all beat a hasty retreat. The Makimbo chased us for a good half mile, and I remember saying out loud that we were doomed because we'd violated their customs and the like. Redfield said I was talking poppycock - and then we found ourselves at the shore of a deep, raging river. With the Makimbo in hot pursuit, huge spears coming towards us, Thomas grabbed Wanda and the two of them leapt into the raging river! Seeing no other choice myself, but not happy with my swimming ability, I grabbed the still grieving Kate, and jumped in with her. I don't remember seeing Adam follow us (although out of character, I knew that he had).

Nick gleefully informed us that the river was a raging, swelling source of liquid that ebbed and flowed around us, grabbing at us and pulling us under! And with that, the game session ended...

Suffice it to say that the last two sessions of the game had terrific pacing, and we found ourselves in deepest, darkest Africa...up a creek without a paddle, let alone a canoe. I'm have a wonderful time playing in the game, and Nick told me last night that he's really enjoying himself running the game, and that once the scenario wraps up, he'd like to run it again sometime...but that he's missing playing HEX right now.

I'm just looking forward to the next game session! :)
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