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Another State of JohnK Post

It's Monday morning. Hopefully a peaceful, good day.

Another day at the office for me. The current translation project is going well, and prep work has begun on the next job in the line, so I'm being kept relatively busy as things progress on both fronts.

Health-wise, I'm doing as well as can be expected. My blood glucose levels are up somewhat, though they've come down a bit since I restarted the Glumetza. I will be speaking to the diabetes nurse educator this week, and I suspect there's a chance that I'll be upping the dose of insulin this week if the sugar levels don't drop off somewhat.

Yesterday's gaming session of the Chill 3rd Edition with the Sunday group was a pretty good one, and I'll be blogging about that later on today (hopefully) once I get the transcription of my notes typed up and all.

In the meantime, c'est la vie. :)
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