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A Cold Long Weekend Friday

Friday morning.

A really cold, wet morning here in the Ottawa valley to start the Thanksgiving weekend. Meh. And there's a frost warning out for the Ottawa valley, too!

Work this morning is quite busy for the day of the week, especially with the number of folks who took today off to get a four-day weekend out of it (and no doubt to watch the Toronto Blue Jays playoff baseball game), so I'm a bit short-staffed, but the job is getting done.

On the health front, I went to bed very early last night and slept like a long, even though the nerve spasms are still happening in a mild fashion. I needed the sleep, so am relatively chipper this morning.

I don't have any plans for the rest of the day after work gets out, other than to grab some veggies to make a stir fry either tonight or tomorrow, and pick up some milk and eggs (the latter of which I have run out of). Gaming for tonight is off, as given it's the Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada, three of my players are going out of town to be with family. So no Atlantis: The Second Age game tonight. On the other hand, the Sunday group will likely be playing the Chill 3rd Edition game campaign on Sunday, although this will depend on whether both Tammy and spross can make it out or not, depending on their family plans.

For now, back to work. And a steaming hot cuppa herbal tea. :)
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