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Sunday Afternoon Game Report - Chill 3rd Edition Session 6

Yesterday afternoon, the Sunday gaming group continued to play the Chill 3rd Edition RPG campaign they are involved in. Here are the game session notes. You can read about the previous game session in this journal entry. This post is somewhat long, so I've put it behind a cut so that folks who don't want to read any detailed rpg posts don't have to.


Peter Granger (SteveR) - Artist (Painter)
Aislinn Drohan (Tammy) - Auction House Providencer
Brian Hartigan (GM/NPC) - Courier Deliveryman

March 13th, 2014 (Thursday)

The player envoys return to the dining room, and finish their breakfast. They hear whispered conversations around the dining room, some about the death of Becky Lynch and some about them and their activities re: the Sheriff. Aislinn Drohan and Brian Hartigan discuss what Sheriff Griggs meant by "carte blanche", and suspect this will not allow them to go so far as killing people. They start to discuss their next move, and it's decided that Aislinn will go in to the Whitney Library to check matters out, Brian decides he will go in to Whitney and see if there's been any word from SAVE on the business at hand. Peter Granger says that he will go in to the town and see how Hailey [Clands] is doing after her encounter with the bear.

Brian drives them into Whitney in his SUV, dropping Aislinn off at the small library, and then drives to the post office. Parking the SUV, he tells Peter that the local medical clinic is two blocks down main street. Peter heads for the clinic, and can't help but notice that townsfolk are watching him as he walks in that direction. Arriving at the large clinic facility, he sees that there are some 30 or so folks sitting in the waiting room, and there are 3 people in the line to see the receptionist. While waiting in the queue, he overhears the receptionist's name is Francine and that folks are worried about and shocked at the death of Becky Lynch. He finally gets to see the receptionist, and asks to see Hailey (though he can't remember her last name), adding that he's the fellow who helped her when she was attacked by the bear the other night. Francine says that there's no Hailey at the clinic or its patient area, and says that if she was mauled by a bear, she was likely airlifted to St. Francis Memorial Hospital in Barrie's Bay. He thanks her for her time and leaves, having no idea of what to do next.

At the Robert Taylor Memorial Library, Aislinn enters the building to see a quaint, old-fashioned library. There's a receptionist (Ronnie Harper) and a couple of scholarly types. The man for whom the library is named was a hunter, and Robert Taylor's last catch, a massive boar head that Aislinn feels is watching her with its eyes, is on one wall overlooking the main desk. Checking the newspaper section, Aislinn learns in the newspaper report of February 7th about the death of bigfoot hunter Roger Jones, and that he fell some 50 feet from a precipice ledge at Fall Gap. When rescuers reached him, his last words were, "the bogey". Researching Fall Gap, she learns that it's a cliff-like area overlooking a valley that lies some 128 kms. west of Whitney in Algonquin Park. There seems to be a mystery about the geological formation of the area, but she's no expert on the subject, so doesn't understand it. The area has been associated with hauntings by dead trappers over the years (possibly ghouls? she thinks). She looks up the term "bogey", and finds it is a term linked with a type of faerie creature that curses; also associated with boggarts, and their shoe fetish, but that leads her back to the references on cluricaunes. There are multiple ghost stories and legends in the area, but nothing that Aislinn deems important. While people have been found dismembered, these have been attributed to animal attacks. Odd animals were reported in Fall Gap in February, 2012, and these attracted the first of the amateur bigfoot hunters. Trappers were found in 1902 and 1913, in the same condition as some of the recent killings in the Whitney area. Carefully researching, bogeys, she learns that they are small, goblin-like creatures that live in caves and other dark places, that hunt in groups of 5 to 10. They walk on their hind legs, but have over-long, thin hairy forelimbs. They have squashed faces reminiscent of monkeys or lemurs, and mouths filled with jagged, sharp teeth, and their "hands" are very human-like. With eyes adapted to see in darkness or low light, they are very susceptible to bright lights. Aislinn takes a photo of the information on their human-like hands, and prepares to do more research, but her mobile phone rings.

Brian enters the post office after Peter leaves, and learns that a package has arrived from Ottawa for him. He takes the package and goes into the malt shoppe next door, and looks at what's contained therein. He leaves the malt shoppe, places the file securely in his bags in the SUV, and drives over to the police annex where assistant coroner Charlie Hadlock can be found. Hadlock tells him that he's examined Becky Lynch's remains, and he's concluded that her organs and brain were "scooped out", not with an instrument, but perhaps with claws or maybe hands. He tells Charlie to make sure that Sheriff Griggs knows what's going on, and then heads for Jones' Outfitting Enterprises. He chats amicably with Joe Hawkins, and purchases a couple of powerful outdoor flashlights, and two packs of ten flares each. Brian calls Aislinn, and asks her to meet him at the malt shoppe, and to call Peter and reel him in as well.

Peter leaves the Whitney hospital clinic, but has a run-in with Max, Hailey's boyfriend, outside. He learns that Peter was with Hailey after the bear attack, and tells Peter that Hailey is concussed and will miss at least 2 weeks of work. When he demands to know what happened, Peter tell him and says that it was Aislinn that convinced Hailey to go with them. Max says that he'll talk to Aislinn about this, but says that if he and the others go near Hailey again, he'll finish what the bear started, and damn what the Sheriff has to say! As Max stomps off, leaving a shaken Peter behind in his wake, an OPP car pulls up at the nearest meter. Peter sees there's an older-looking officer in the vehicle, and a hunting rifle sitting on the back seat. Peter goes up to the man, and sees that it is James Clands, Hailey's father. Officer Clands tells him of Hailey's condition, as he knows who Peter is, and tells Peter that he doesn't believe the story about Peter and his friends being bigfoot hunters, let alone their previous yarn about being from Triton Industries and being in Whitney to set up the company retreat. He tells Peter that he and his friends shouldn't leave town, and then orders Peter to get out of his face.

Aislinn arrives at the post office, and sees that there is a higher police presence in town than usual. She spots the old-fashioned malt shoppe, and moments later Brian's SUV pulls up and parks out front. Aislinn calls Peter, and tells him to get to the post office and the malt shoppe, and after hanging up, she goes to meet Brian, and the two of them go into the malt shoppe. They find a booth, order some food and drink, and wait for Peter to arrive. He shows up, and the envoys get down to business.

Aislinn tells Peter and Brian what she's learned, confirming part of what Brian has discovered. Brian tells them of what he has learned - that the SAVE archives tell of several similar attacks between 1902 and 1949, though detailed records weren't kept at the time; that former envoy Derek Walker went to investigate from the New York office in 1949 but was never heard from again; that there was a case in Edinburgh in the 1960s, involving a man whose house and farm were invaded by creatures he called "Bogeys", that grew bolder and bolder, carrying off his livestock, his pets, and finally his wife; and that SAVE finally killed them by burning the barn and leaving their corpses "to melt in the noonday sun". Peter tells them of his miserable morning, and of his meetings with Max and Officer James Clands and what happened. Aislinn asks if Officer Clands had a rifle or shotgun in the OPP car, and Peter says it was the former. She wonders if Officer Clands is suspicious...

... and from the booth behind Brian, James Clands says he's not suspicious, he *knows*. Clands tells the player characters that he knows about SAVE through a retired envoy living in town [he doesn't mention Brian Marshall/Stig Larsson by name, but it's implied], but the player characters tell him that the person in question isn't involved. Clands asks if the envoys believe it's "bogeys", and they confirm this. When he asks them what they plan to do about it, both Aislinn and Brian say they're going to find the creatures' lair. The characters talk of Hailey, and her father tells them that her injuries weren't as severe as they first thought, that she's good, and is staying at the Mad Musher after having been treated by Doc Pondpoole. She also said she'll only talk to Aislinn, and that she wants to see them now. Clands will drive Aislinn over to the Mad Musher, and Brian and Peter go and pack and prepare to follow them out to the Musher.

At the Mad Musher in Room 226, Aislinn meets up with Max, who's still pretty hostile towards her, but Hailey calms him down. James Clands takes Max out, leaving Aislinn and Hailey to talk. Aislinn questions Hailey about what happened the other night in Algonquin Park - it may not have been a bear, as Hailey remembers being attacked from above, from the trees [thus there were no bear prints, other than older prints which Peter found]. Hailey says that BrianM asked the same questions, and then tells Aislinn that she knows about SAVE. She wants to be recruited into the organisation. First, she tries to cajole Aislinn, and then she tries to use blackmail which doesn't sway Aislinn to her side, but as Hailey tells her, they need a guide, and she's got the skills and she's resilient. Aislinn tells her that she'll talk to the others.

The player characters meet up at the Mad Musher. Despite the risks and the dangers, they unanimously agree to take Hailey on with them into Algonquin Park with them. Hailey arrives, ready to go, and agrees to defer with whatever the envoys say. She ells Brian that she put her hunting rifle in his SUV. She tells them that she picked the vehicle lock easily; she was arrested at 10 for toy store theft. The player characters decide to start behind the Lynch house, the scene of the latest attack, and go on the trail and hopefully find the Bogeys' lair that way. Hailey says she's got no problems with caves, as she's a good climber and her dad taught her spelunking. The characters decide what they need to take with them, and settle on rope, the flares from Brian's SUV, firestarter, flashlights, hiking/outdoor gear, and so forth. Once loaded up, Hailey gives them directions, and they set out for the Lynch home.

Sunday afternoon's game session of the Chill 3rd Edition RPG was pretty decent as game sessions go, and the players and their characters learned the last bits of information that they needed in order to hunt down the creatures in their lair. The afternoon had some good roleplaying to it, though once more spross was in a poor mood, and struggled with the afternoon session, and didn't really accomplish or do much. Tammy seemed to enjoy herself, and had a good afternoon interacting with the various NPCs.

Another somewhat good session of Chill 3rd Edition under the belt on Sunday again, and I'm looking forward to the next session of the game.
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