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Chill 3rd Edition SAVE Sourcebook Kickstarter

One of the highlights of the year in (roleplaying) gaming for me this year has been the release of the new, Chill 3rd Edition RPG. Well, today the folks at Growling Door Games have just launched the Kickstarter for the first supplement for the Chill 3rd Edition game, the SAVE - The Eternal Society (that's the title for now, I guess) sourcebook.

Here's the Kickstarter link: SAVE: The Eternal Society Kickstarter

This book promises to be quite a good little supplement, given the proposed content found on the Kickstarter page, but the real interesting part of this Kickstarter is the additional free cases (scenarios) that will be made available based on every group of 100 backers that the Kickstarter gets. It's an interesting way of handling this, and I really hope that the book gets a *ton* of backers.

So if you're a fan of the Chill 3rd Edition and/or have any interest in the SAVE: The Eternal Society sourcebook for the game, even if it's just as a reference book for other horror rpgs, please consider pledging for the sourcebook. And spread the word about the Kickstarter so that other folks can get in on this, and make more free scenarios a reality.

Thanks, folks. :)
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