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Tuesday Morning Thoughts

It's Tuesday morning. The day after Thanksgiving here in Canada.

It's a somewhat chilly, wet day with a nip in the air that is biting me to the bone (or at least it feels that way). Temperature is supposed to go up to 14</sup>o</sup>C this afternoon, and I really hope it reaches that high.

I'm back in the office this morning, and it's relatively quiet here. The boss is off at a couple of appointments of some sort, so I've got my calmness in effect for the morning at least, and the work here on the two translation projects seems to be going well.

While there's going to be a Chill 3rd Edition post from me later this morning about the new Kickstarter that's due to start today, I'll be spending most of the afternoon working on some stuff for the All For One: Régime Diabolique game today. (Got some ideas and other stuff that I want to jot down on paper.)

Meanwhile, back to the job(s) at hand...
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