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My Thoughts on Thanksgiving Day Stuff

As noted in previous blog entries, yesterday was Thanksgiving Day here in Canada.

I had a pretty quiet, pretty stress less Thanksgiving day here in the Ottawa valley. After eating breakfast in the morning and showering, I had my constitutional walk for the morning, and then came home and did a bit of vacuuming on the main floor of the house. Relaxed after that, and did a bit of reading (I'm reading Jack McDevitt's The Devil's Eye, and quite enjoying the novel), and then did some lunch. Cleaned up the dishes.

I spent part of the afternoon transcribing and then blogging up the Sunday session notes for the game of Chill 3rd Edition, and then caught up on a couple of episodes of PVRed television. The rest of the afternoon was spent doing some work on a scenario for the All For One: Régime Diabolique RPG, and then prepping dinner. My mom came over for supper yesterday, and I made a fish supper with some basmati rice, vegetables, and an almond-based sauce. With a side salad, of course. Quite tasty. Mom went off to spend part of the evening with friends, and I put on a load (or two) of laundry, and then spent the evening watching The Hunger Games: Catching Fire on DVD and the special features (there weren't a lot of them) before washing the dinner dishes, and then getting ready for bed.

All in all, a quiet, restful Thanksgiving Day
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