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Wednesday Night Game Report - Chill 3rd Edition Session 4

I meant to post this up yesterday (Thursday), but life and a few other things prevented me from doing so. Ah, well...better a couple of days late than never. :)

On Wednesday night (October 28th), the Wednesday night players continued to play their Chill 3rd Edition RPG campaign. Here are the game session notes. You can read about the previous session in this journal entry. This blog entry is relatively long, so I've put it behind a cut so that folks who don't want to read any detailed rpg posts don't have to.


"Jana Kraczmir"/Janet Knosatin (Donna) - Television Journalist
Matthew Wilkins (DavidW) - Farmer
Wendy Davis (Kendall) - University Student
Alanna Blackwater (Crystal) - Casino Worker, Fortuneteller

April 12th, 2014 (Saturday)

Janet Knosatin tells the others that before she uses her Incorporeal Art, she wants to pursue one further avenue of investigation. The player characters drive over to the offices of Fields Real Estate, Inc. in Stittsville. While the others watch bemused, Janet convinces the office manager, Harry White, to give her the contact number for Charles and Bryna Rider, the potential purchasers of the Orbach farm. She calls the Riders, and speaks with Charles, telling him who she is and that she wants to just follow up on some questions that the press may have left out. She learns pretty much what the player envoys already know about what they found, but learns a surprising, crazy detail: the first noticeable detail on James Harman's body was the rictus of pain/agony...but it didn't manifest until *after* they had found the body, and were waiting for the arrival of the police. [She rolled a Colossal Success, flips a Token Light, on the Interview roll.] He still thinks that he imagined it. She ends the call pleasantly, telling him that he should try and forget about it, as it must have been his imagination.

Once the characters have this fact to mull over, Alanna Blackwater tells the other player characters she has no doubt that it was either a powerful ghost or a spectral remnant. The others, notably Matthew Wilkins, question her on her reasoning, but she tells them that she just *knows*, can feel it in her bones. Matthew tells the others that it's time to pay a first visit to the Orbach farm, but that in order for Janet to use her Art and check things out, they'll stop around 10 klicks from the farm so she can do her thing. Alanna and Wendy Davis think this is a good idea, but only Alanna can see that Janet is a bit worried about the whole business.

The drive through the countryside calms Janet down somewhat, and the player characters get a bit better idea of the lay of the land. Matthew reassures the rest of the characters that there's nothing to be afraid of out here. Planting season is just starting, and there aren't likely to be too many wild animals around just yet, but he advises them to be alert to anything "out of the ordinary". Wendy nervously asks what that means, but Alanna tells her to keep quiet; those cups of coffee she's been drinking most of the day has put her somewhat on edge. Matthew drives to the edge of a small field, roughly some 10 kilometres from the Orbach farm, and stops the car. Matthew, Wendy, and Alanna give Janet plenty of encouragement, and the television journalist prepares herself, and then her uninhabited body slumps in her seat. [She flips a Light Token Dark.] "Now we wait," comments Alanna.

On leaving her body, Janet Knosatin becomes lost in the astral, her mind taking a few minutes to reestablish its firm grounding of self. Orienting herself, she can see a number of spirit forms in the area around her, but they ignore her for the most part. Looking around, she can see that there is some sort of barrier obscuring her view in the direction of what she knows is the Orbach farm. Janet cautiously makes her way in that direction, wary of her own vulnerabilities in this form. Approaching the barrier at the Orbach farm, Janet senses a malevolent force at work, a force that is much more powerful than she is in her astral form. She observes what she can at the farm, noting there is another spiritual form, one weaker than the malignant force at work here. Attempting to approach the farm, she is driven off by an astral attack of some sort [that inflicts Minor Trauma (-10 WPR) to her], and decides to return to her body.

When the pale body of Janet wakes, Matthew and Alanna give her something to drink, and tell her that only a couple of hours have passed. Relieved to be back in her fleshy form, Janet tells the other player characters all that she experienced in the astral state. The player character decide that they don't want to go out to the Orbach farm during the late afternoon and into the evening, and make their way back to Stittsville where they check into the Country Inn & Suites for the evening. The player characters get some quality time together in, though Wendy spends part of her evening working on her studies.

Sunday morning dawns bright and clear, and the player characters make some preparations before heading for the Orbach farm after they finish breakfast. The player envoys joke among themselves that they should be able to wrap up the case during the day, and return to their everyday hum-drum lives on Monday morning. Alanna ponders whether it will be as easy as that, but the others refuse to let her gloom-and-doom attitude get to them. The drive to the Orbach farm is relatively easy and quick, the sun-dappled cool spring day a pleasant one during which the characters engage in small talk.

Arriving at the auxiliary road that leads to the Orbach farm, the player characters discuss their plans. Matthew is determined not to let the characters separate, and the others agree to this plan. The characters have brought the gear that they feel they may need, though they all recognise the fact that physical weapons may not be enough to defeat the creature, whatever it is. Matthew, armed with a shotgun, leads the way towards the Orbach farm, driving the SUV. The land belonging to the farm is completely overgrown, the road leading to the farm now nothing but somewhat broken pavement overgrown with plants and weeds, and the going is slow. What can be seen of the main farmhouse is an overgrown, broken down building that needs serious repairs, but is in remarkably good condition for its age. Wendy points out that some maintenance on the building has been done by both Fields and Shape and Sons during their ownership of the property, no doubt so as to keep it on the market. The characters reach the front of the house, the place having a somewhat musky smell as the characters emerge cautiously from the vehicle.

Alanna opens her senses to the place [she attempts a Sense the Unknown check], and feels a strong presence of the Unknown here, but also a sense of malignancy, a feeling of death clinging to the place, and she tells the others that her perceptions are shrouded in a dark, dank mist. Wendy says that whatever Unknown force is here, is strong. She expresses a concern about going into the farmhouse, but Matthew and Janet reassure her somewhat, though they themselves are discomfited by Alanna's findings and feelings. Off to the right of the farmhouse, some 300 feet distant, can be seen what appears to a barn and a set of stables, with a small grain silo set behind them as well.

Matthew pulls out the 1950s blueprint of the farm that he got from the OFA offices, and says that they need to start in the kitchen, where James Harman was found by the Riders. Leading them onto the large, somewhat rickety front porch, Matthew and the others make their way around to the side of the house, and the access to the dining room area. The louvred doors there are closed, though they they are somewhat cracked and worn by the weather. Matthew levers them open, and the characters find themselves in a somewhat dark, but not overly dusty dining room. Somewhat wilted flowers can be seen here, and Wendy is the first to spot the blood drenched section of wooden floor where James Harman's body was found. Looking over the area of floor where he was found, Alanna spots what appears to be some earth, just under the edge of the dining room table. While they posit that it is merely dirt brought in from the outside, perhaps by police during their investigation, Matthew determines that the earth in question is relatively fresh, and that it's loam. Farming soil. Before the characters can do anything else, a mild wind stirs up the dirt beneath the chair, becoming somewhat stronger with each moment that passes, and a spectral form appears before the characters...

Wednesday night's game session of the Chill 3rd Edition investigative horror rpg was pretty good, and I was pleased with how things turned out and the progress the player characters made. The session had some good roleplaying, the players showing more and more of their characters' personalities, and some more hints as to what is going on came to the light. All four players had a pretty good time, and both Crystal and Kendall mentioned when we were done that towards the end, I did a good job with the atmosphere and mood as they went into the Orbach farmhouse.

Overall, a good night of Chill 3rd Edition gaming, and I'm looking forward to the players getting together for their next session.
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