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Getting Ready for Friday Night Gaming

Have had a very long week, so rather glad to be off for the (Halloween) weekend. Still feel very much under the weather, and am quite tired, and achy all over. Have the cough still going on, and my sinuses hurt like heck. The Friday night gamers have decided that they want to play tonight, if I'm up to it (which I told them I am), and so I came home from work and have taken it easy for most of the afternoon.

Spent part of the afternoon napping, and part of it working on some stuff for the Chill 3rd Edition campaigns that I'm running, plus a bit of note taking for the player characters for the two Chill 3rd Edition games I'll be running at CanGames 2016.

The Friday gamers will be starting their Chill 3rd Edition campaign this evening, and have also set up a second session to be played tomorrow night, on Halloween. Looking forward to that.

But for now, gotta deal with tonight's game session. After making some supper, of course.

Have a good night, folks. :)
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