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Good Night, Bad Night

Last night was a very good night, and a very bad night.

I had a terrific night gaming with the Friday gaming group last night, as they started in on their Chill 3rd Edition campaign. The game session went really well, and I'll blog about it later this afternoon.

The rest of the night was pretty bad. Once more I was afflicted with a bad case of lung searing, hacking inspiring acid reflux. It started around 2:35 am this morning, and I didn't get back to sleep again until well after 5 am, and slept rather unsoundly after that. To add insult to injury, my blood sugars are a little high at the moment, and I'm hurting in the throat and chest.

Not fun.

So the plan for the rest of the day is to take it easy, relax at home, eat mildbland food for the day, and then relax and have fun with tonight's Chill 3rd Edition session with the Friday gamers. If I can speak, of course. The raspy throat is...raspy.
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