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Doctor's Diagnosis

Got back from the doctor's appointment about 20 minutes ago.

The news is not good.

I've got a severe case of bronchitis, and he didn't even need to send me for an x-ray to diagnose it. He could hear the "crackling" in my lungs when he listened to my chest, but just to be sure he had me hack up a blob of sputum (not difficult due to all the coughing I'm doing) and will send it to the lab.

In the meantime, the doctor proscribed some Biaxin for me, which I've picked up from the drugstore. He suggested that I take a couple of days at work, and just rest up at home, and also said that I'd have to forego the flu shot until I've gotten over this bug.

Tags: antibiotic, bronchitis, health hut, personal, recovery, rest, sick

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