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Sunday Afternoon Game Report - Chill 3rd Edition Session 10

Yesterday afternoon, the Sunday gaming group continued to play the Chill 3rd Edition RPG campaign they are involved in. Here are the game session notes. You can read about the previous game session in this journal entry. This post is quite long, so I've put it behind a cut so that folks who don't want to read any detailed rpg posts don't have to.


Peter Granger (SteveR) - Artist (Painter)
Aislinn Drohan (Tammy) - Auction House Providencer
Brian Hartigan (GM/NPC) - Courier Deliveryman

March 24th, 2014 (Monday)

Peter Granger goes over to Clarence, and checks on his injuries. The injury is less serious than it appears, but he is unconscious. Peter removes his jacket [covering the spider tufted fur], and tears the sleeve off his shirt to staunch the wounds, and then tries to rouse Clarence, but to no avail. He tries to call out on his mobile phone, but there's nothing but static. He binds Clarence's wounds as best he can, then goes to look for a phone in the mansion.

Meanwhile, Aislinn Drohan goes in pursuit of the two thieves, following them cautiously through a door out of the Exhibit Hall, down a hallway, through another door into the kitchen annex, and then into the kitchen, where she grabs up a knife for defense. She continues to follow them into the servant's quarters (which are fortunately, not occupied), and then into the servant's entrance. As she emerges into the night air, she hears the squeal of tires. Aislinn catches sight of a white (??) van racing down the access road to the mansion, but can't make out the license plate. She calls 911 on her mobile, and informs the woman on the other end of what has happened, and asks that the police and an ambulance be dispatched to 242 Corcoran Drive. After talking to 911 folks, she realises she doesn't have Daniel Fowlkes Jr.'s number, and calls Connie, who wakes up after falling asleep with her lover. Connie is alarmed, but Aislinn reassures her that she's fine, and she gives Aislinn the Fowlkes' number. Aislinn calls Daniel Fowlkes and tells him what's happened; he's alarmed, and concerned for Clarence, and says that he'll come to the mansion as quickly as possible. Aislinn goes back inside and replaces the knife in the kitchen, and then goes back to the Exhibit Hall to check on Peter and Clarence.

Meanwhile, Peter finds a landline in the main lounge, and calls the police. He learns that officers and an ambulance are already on their way. He goes back to the Exhibit Hall and Clarence, who is now partially awake. There is still blood seeping from the head wound, and so he applies his handkerchief to staunch the wound some more. Clarence tells him that it was dark, so he didn't see who hit him, but that something did. Peter looks around the area [he Botches the roll, flip a Token Dark], and hears a rustling sound. He calls out, asking who's there, but get no reply other than some more rustling. He takes out his chalk, but decides not to use it, and then takes his flashlight in hand and prepares to brain the maker of the rustling noise. (There's now traces of chalk on his left hand, the flashlight, and Clarence's shoulder.)

Aislinn returns to the Exhibit Hall, and talks to Peter about Clarence's condition. She checks the display case near where he went down, but there's no indication of any evidence related to his being hit. She tries to talk to the semi-conscious Clarence, but he seems more concerned over losing his job for failing to protect the house. She does her best to reassure him. Aislinn goes over to the exhibit case that was opened. It is some 2.5 feet tall and 1 foot wide and deep. She notices the clasp on the open display case was not forced, and she also sees that no other display cases appear to have been opened.

Daniel Fowlkes Jr. arrives on the scene, accompanied by the police (Constables McDonald and [Harry] Bream) and the paramedics (Abraham and Charness). Constable McDonald questions both Peter and Aislinn, but determines there's nothing suspicious about their activities, though he does wonder about the chalk marks on Peter's hand, flashlight, and the shoulder of Clarence. He tells them that they can leave, but the police may have questions for them at a later time. Peter retrieves his jacket, and he and Aislinn learn from Abraham that Clarence's wound is more serious than they first thought, due to the blood loss, but that he's stable, and is being taken to the Ottawa Civic Hospital.

The next morning, Tuesday, dawns cold and wet, and promises to be a rainy day for the most part. At the offices of Walkers Fine Art & Estate Auctions, David Walker takes Aislinn to task over what happened the night before. He is content that she's not at fault or culpable in any way, but is worried about the Fowlkes Estate business. She gives him her evaluation of the Fowlkes collection. He tells her to proceed with the business as soon as she can, and then shoos her from his office. She calls the Fowlkes residence, and speaks with Muriel (Daniel Jr. not being available). [Clarence] Heartwell is doing well, and is being released and going back to the mansion later in the day. They are interrupted, as Vanessa Fowlkes overhears the conversation and wants to know what's going on, but Muriel dismisses her. She says that she won't talk with Aislinn about what was taken over the phone, but Muriel also tells her that the investigation by the police at the mansion is complete. The case seems straightforward, but the police don't entertain any hope of capturing the perpetrators unless some new evidence comes to light. Muriel says she'll need to contact Daniel for more information on the matter. In answer to Aislinn's question, Muriel says they can resume the inventory of items at the house in the next day or two.

At his home, Peter receives a call from his agent, Jerry Townshend. Townshend says that he's not received a new painting from Peter to sell in several months, and Peter says that he's been working through some personal issues (but doesn't admit that he's going through a dry spell). He tells Jerry what occurred at the Fowlkes house, and tells him that there's no news on the appraisal of the painting due to the robbery. Peter says he'll let him know when he manages to get back to it, and Jerry says the client in question is eager to get the painting. In the meanwhile, he tells Peter to get a new painting to him as soon as possible; if not, he may lose the gallery space that he's currently got.

Peter calls Aislinn at the Walkers office. He wants to know when he can go back to the house and finish the appraisal of the piece. Aislinn tells him she's not sure when he'll be able to do so, as it depends on when the Ottawa Police investigation is over. Peter questions her about the client who wants the painting, but he doesn't get any real answers from him, only that she's still working on it. Aislinn asks him about the business with the chalk, and he tells her it's a habit of his when he gets scared. This triggers an hallucination of a bogey in the corner of the room he's in. He asks her how Clarence is doing, and then abruptly hangs up. He looks around, but there's no sign of the bogey, so he goes and makes a cup of coffee. Meanwhile at the Walkers Auction house, Aislinn is told by Connie that she's leaving for about 20 minutes. Aislinn says that she'll manage on her own.

Peter tries to do some research, and looks up James Kinawia, but only finds a reference to a Florida poetess, Jesse Kinawia. There is also no reference at all to the painting that he saw at the Fowlkes residence, "Firehawk at the Falls". Realising his mistake, he searches again for James Kinawa, and learns that Kinawa is a 42-year-old artist of Algonquin descent. He first came to prominence in 1994, with some unique perspectives on Algonquin tribal life, and his painting is a minimalist modern style using oils.

Meanwhile, Aislinn does some research of her own, and learns a few interesting things. She researches the Fowlkes family history, and discovers they first arose in Ottawa in 1856, and were influential politically in the Ottawa valley at the time. The family was established by Eli Fowlkes, and the latest patriarch died at the age of 83. The estate is going to 36-year-old Daniel, but is being contested by his sister, 35-year-old Vanessa. The family wealth dates back to the 1930s, and they are worth some $300K. Knowing that the Algonquin were powerful in the Ottawa valley during that time, she also researches the Algonquin Indians, and learns very basic data (see the entry about the Algonquin peoples at the link). Her curiosity is peaked
about the medewiwin, and she learns that they're a secretive religion of the indigenous peoples of the Maritimes, New England, and the Great Lakes region. Practitoners of the Mide are known to English speakers as "medicine men", but she learns that it refers to spiritual medicine rather than physical medicine, and that some practitioners are said to have turned to evil ways in the past. Remembering the spider skin vest and the tuft of spider fur, she then turns her attention to large spiders with red/yellow/white colouration. She finds that there are only five giant spiders in North America, two of which - the tesellae and rachidnae families - are found in the east. The tesellae family venom has been used for poisoning weapons and other venom-based purposes by many of the tribes of the Algonquin. There are no pictures of the tesellae or rachidnae families on the 'net, and she learns that both are extinct (supposedly). Interestingly, both spider families are unique for having "fur" similar to that found in wolf spiders. She notes to herself that she needs to talk to an arachnologist.

Sunday afternoon's game session of the Chill 3rd Edition campaign was interesting, to say the least, had some interesting revelations and a few good moments of roleplaying, and gave the players much to think about between game sessions about matters. Tammy enjoyed the investigative challenges of the session, and spross was marginally better in his play this week, after a long chat he and I had earlier in the week about his gaming. Still, there's room for improvement. Pretty much all the information they're learning in the scenario is realistic, except for the stuff about the supernatural elements of the adventure and the business with the venomous you-know-whats.

Overall, a good game session of Chill 3rd Edition, and I'm looking forward to seeing how things shake out in the next session or three. :)
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