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A Chilly, Wet Thursday

A cold, damp rainy day here in the Ottawa valley. My bones are aching from it, notably in all the places where I've got arthritis or where I've had broken or sprained joints and the like. Not pleasant, and the Tylenol arthritis only does a marginal job of relieving said pain. Meh.

Work this morning is slow, but steady. The translation project I'm working on with my team is coming along, and it looks to be a bit ahead of schedule so this is good. Donna's got a case of the sniffles this morning, but it appears that most people have some sort of cold bug that's going around at the moment. I've still got my nasal drip, and am coughing somewhat, so we'll see where that goes.

Gaming-wise, last night's session of the Chill 3rd Edition RPG campaign with the Wednesday night group was a lot of fun, and creepy. The players and I had a good time of it, and I'll be blogging up the game session notes hopefully later today.

After work today, I've got an appointment with the doctor once more. This is to determine if I've gotten over the bug that I had that he prescribed the Biaxin antibiotic for. If I'm good to go, I can get the flu shot today, something that I really want to have as soon as possible.

Anyway, back to work here at the office.
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