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Chill Convention Scenario Title Poll

As most folks know, I'll be running some Chill 3rd Edition investigative horror rpg goodness at CanGames 2016 in May. One of the scenarios will be set in 1850s Bytown (now Ottawa), though technically it will be set in The Corners (what will become known as Bell's Corners). I've got two titles for the scenario, and I want to know what folks think, so here's the poll. :)

If you have an idea for a different title for the adventure, please drop me a line here in the Comments section.

Poll #2027734 What CHILL Scenario Title Do you Like Best?

CHILL Scenario Title Poll

The Beast of Bytown
The Creature of the Corners
I like both titles, use the one you prefer
I dislike both titles, here's my preference (see Comments)
I don't care what you call the adventure
I want to object to this poll in its entirety
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