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Last night, the Wednesday night players continued to play in their Chill 3rd Edition RPG campaign. Here are the game session notes. You can read about the previous session in this journal entry. This blog entry is relatively long, so I've put it behind a cut so that folks who don't want to read any detailed rpg posts don't have to.


"Jana Kraczmir"/Janet Knosatin (Donna) - Television Journalist
Matthew Wilkins (DavidW) - Farmer
Wendy Davis (Kendall) - University Student
Alanna Blackwater (Crystal) - Casino Worker, Fortuneteller

April 13th, 2014 (Sunday)

...Matthew Wilkins is horrified by the appearance of the spectral form [and loses -5 WPR], but Wendy Davis demands to know who the spirit is. The winds abruptly cease, and the spectral form disappears. The player envoys search the dining room area after Alanna Blackwater checks to make sure Matthew is all right, but concur that the windstorm created by the spirit has likely eliminated any clues they might have found.

The player character move warily through the swinging doors that Matthew indicates lead to the kitchen, and are greet by a well-maintained kitchen area, pots and pans lined up on hooks, several counter top accessories holding knives, and various other kitchen appliances on display. The characters discuss the kitchen being so tidy and neat, but dismiss it as part of the protocol in the house maintained by the real estate agency. Alerted by something that she cannot convey, Wendy Davis erects a Sphere of Protection, drawing on what happened to her in the tunnels of Carleton U [and not flipping a Token Dark, but losing -5 WPR] just as a series of knives and kitchen utensils come flying at the player envoys; they are stopped short by the sphere. She maintains the sphere for some time [expending another 15 WPR], but the barrage finally stops. The player characters look at each other, and Alanna tells the others that she still thinks it's a remnant spirit. The player envoys search the kitchen, and find the spot where James Harman was killed, the floorboards still somewhat stained by the minute amounts of blood shed during his death. Alanna and Janet Knosatin examine the area, while Matthew and Wendy keep an eye out and check out the rest of the kitchen. The two can't conclude very much about the Harman death scene, but Matthew and Wendy have better luck (if that's what one calls it), and find some bones in the oven. Wendy makes a quick joke about it, but Matthew tells her that they're not human bones, just various animal ones. That implies whatever's haunting the house gets...hungry.

The player characters debate splitting up to search the rest of the farmhouse, but Matthew convinces them this is not a good idea, as they don't know too much about what's haunting them. Alanna attempts to search the kitchen using her senses [Sense the Unknown, flip a Token Dark] and sees shifting patterns of Unknown mist, feels clammy and dirty, and gets a strong feeling of terror that occurred in this room of the house. She tells the others that the creature used the killing of James Harman (and perhaps the other animals/people that may have died there) as a means of strengthening itself. She tells the others that she thinks she's right, it's a spectral remnant. When Wendy asks her how they stop it, she tells them that it depends on whose spectral remnant it is. Wendy tells her that it must be the spirit of Henry Orbach, as he died in the house under horrible circumstances.

As if to confirm what has just happened, Wendy screams in pain as two jagged slashes appear on her lower left leg [-20 STA, Wound EWD, 2 Dark Tokens flipped]. Matthew and Alanna dash over to her, as Janet stares in shock [she loses -WPR as she fails the Terror roll], and are able to bind the two deep gashes on her leg. Janet casually says that they remind her of the two wounds that were found on James Harman's legs, according to the autopsy report, though they're much more serious. Wendy whimpers with pain, saying that they can't defeat this..."whatever it is", but Alanna says she's convinced that they can. She gives Wendy a pep talk that inspires all of the player envoys, and they formulate a plan of action.

Going from the kitchen into the main stairwell of the house, the player envoys find themselves in a part of the house that has obviously been tidied up. The stairs leading up to the second floor are here, but Matthew judges their condition to be somewhat suspect. Janet says they have to get upstairs, and the players as one move for the stairs. Matthew takes the injured Wendy in hand, and gives her a hand climbing the stairs. The stairs are somewhat rickety, and Matthew barely manages to avoid having his left leg go through some of the rotted wood. Cautiously, the player envoys make their way up the stairs, Janet spotting several what are clearly blood stains on the stair carpeting. The player envoys reach the upper floor, finding themselves in the stair hall. They decide to split up and search the two bedrooms on this floor, but Matthew berates himself for failing to remember that the master bedroom is on the ground floor.

The player envoys search the two upstairs bedrooms, but find nothing much other than some love letters written by Millie to someone named John W.. Wendy tells the others that this must be the stable hand that Millie was having an affair with; this is what led to the confrontation with her husband the night of his death. Before the other envoys can react, an unseen hand [flip 2 Tokens Light] shoves Wendy, HARD!, throwing her into the bedroom window! [Wendy makes a Horror Trauma roll, but gets a High Success. She suffers no WPR loss, but is somewhat shocked.] It's only with the herculean effort of Matthew [he turns a Token Dark), assisted by Janet, that Wendy doesn't plunge through the window to the ground below. Alanna says that she thinks they're close to understanding how to defeat the spectral remnant, but Janet wonders about this, as she doesn't think they have enough information on the matter yet. Wendy says she's not so sure about that. "I may not understand these things the way you do," she says to Alanna, "but I think I know how to get rid of the remnant once and for all!"

Wednesday night's game session of the Chill 3rd Edition campaign with the players was a true joy to run. The players made a good deal of progress with the plot, experienced some of the supernatural forces that are called into play during Chill 3rd Edition game sessions, and had a great session of roleplaying various things among themselves. While she has a relatively average Communication Skill, Crystal did a terrific job giving Kendall's Wendy a pep talk, and brightened up the other characters' attitudes as well, and was a remarkable sequence in a terrific game session. I was pleased to see that the flow of Light and Dark Tokens was pretty good throughout the game, and relatively constant, and not just from Botches or Colossal Successes.

Overall, a lovely game session of the Chill 3rd Edition RPG, and I'm eagerly looking forward to the next session of the case, and some of the surprises that are in store for the players and their characters. hehehe


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