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Work, Home, and Chill Stuff for a Friday

It has been a long day.

Work got busy around 10:45 am, a couple of things went wrong on the current translation project, I felt like I was fighting off the effects of the flu (shot).

Anyway, got home from work around 1:20 pm, and after making a quick lunch of a sandwich and a cup of soup, I got down to a bit of work writing a scenario for the CanGames convention in May (less than 7 months away!), and then took an afternoon nap.

Got up around 4:15 pm, and got some work done for tonight's game session with the Friday night group. They'll be continuing their Chill 3rd Edition campaign tonight, and I'm looking forward to the game session.

In the meantime, time for some supper.

Have a good night, folks. :)
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