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Horror in Paris

I'm sure by now that everyone has heard the news.

The bombing and gunfire attacks in Paris (I'm not going to use the "t" word here, but we all know what they were) are heinous, and absolutely awful. With over 140+ people dead and lots seriously injured, this is the worst attack on the city of Paris in a long time.

While I understand the outrage (and feels some of it myself), there is a desire and need to do *something*, *anything*, at this point to stop them. But as a CTV news reporter said late last night (Ottawa time), we really can't engage in force and violence on the enemy and win in this situation because that is their goal - to coerce us, to force us, to resort to violence.

My mind is still reeling from these events, but... Having been to the City of Light just a few years back, I grieve and mourn with the people of Paris and with those around the world sympathising with them over this tragedy and set of horrific events.

John Scalzi's thoughts on the matter today put things somewhat into perspective.

'Nuff said.

Edited to add the link to John Scalzi's comments above.
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