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A Lazy Weekend

A chilly Saturday morning here in the Ottawa valley, though the sun is starting to come out and it looks like it will be a bright, pleasant (if cool) day. That said, there is rain (and potentially snow) in the weekend forecast, so we'll see how things shape up weather-wise.

I had a lovely game session of Chill 3rd Edition last night with the Friday night group, and will blog about that some time this afternoon.

Other than that, I'm still feeling under the weather and a bit rough around the edges. So other than some grocery shopping I need to do and some cleaning up around the house and laundry, it's going to be a restful weekend for me.
Tags: chill rpg, errands, friday gaming group, gaming hut, grocery shopping, house, housework, laundry, ottawa, personal, rpg hut, weather

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