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Friday Night Game Report - Chill 3rd Edition Session 5

Last night, the Friday night gamers continued to play in their Chill 3rd Edition RPG campaign. Here are the game session notes. You can read about the previous session of the campaign in this journal entry. This blog entry is somewhat long, so I've put it behind a cut so that folks who don't want to read any detailed rpg posts don't have to.


Alexandra "Alex" Scott (Kathy) - Television Journalist
Carole LaFlamme (Angela) - Bookstore Owner
Constable Andrew Harkness (DavidM) - Police Officer
Jennifer Upton (Ellie) - Sophomore University Student
Doctor Jason Harris (Mark) - Doctor

March 12th, 2014 (Wednesday)

Jennifer Upton takes her leave of Carole LaFlamme at the bookstore, and returns to Carleton University. She heads for the MacOdrum Library, and spends the rest of the early afternoon doing some research about artistic painting and the history of art at the university. She learns that several strange incidents have been reported over the years down in the Carleton U tunnels. The first reported incident was in April, 1961, two years after the university moved to the Rideau River campus. Most of these reports seem to indicate ghost sightings. There are claims that the tunnels in and around Prescott House are haunted. No documented evidence of the hauntings, only hearesay, though there have been some ghost sightings. Jennifer suspects there's more to it than this, but she's not sure how to proceed, and decides that perhaps she should talk to the others, though she realises she has to get back to her studies and her last class of the afternoon.

Alexandra Scott receives a call from Constable Bradley Clarke of the Ottawa PD, telling her that she's been cleared for a trip down into the Carleton U tunnels, but that she's only got until sunset down below ground. She tells him that she's actually on the campus grounds, but just needs to get her cameraman on the scene. She calls Ronald James, and he tells her he'll be there as soon as he can make it. Knowing that Dr. Jason Harris is coming off duty at the Ottawa Hospital, Alexandra calls on him and asks if he's interested in giving her a professional medical opinion. He asks what she means, and she tells him about the basics of the case. Jason tells her that he knows what she's working on (he saw her news report), and says he'll meet her at Prescott House as soon as he can make it there. Jason calls both Natalya and his friend, Harry Martin, and lets them both know that he may be a bit late. He tells Natalya that he's got some banking that he needs to take care of, but doesn't offer Harry any other excuses.

Carole LaFlamme spends a relatively busy afternoon at the bookstore working, but receives a surprise visit from Halle Whadjat, her contact in SAVE. Halle tells her that she's been looking into the matter they had discussed earlier, and says that she thinks that perhaps there is a SAVE case in the process with what Alexandra has uncovered at Carleton U. Halle says there are an uncomfortable number of reports of Carelton U students and staff who've been found dead or reported missing in the area of Prescott House since it was constructed back in 2004. Halle tells her that maybe Carole and Alexandra should bring the cell together to look into the matter - especially in light of the fact that Jennifer Upton is actually residing in Prescott House. After Halle leaves, Carole does some research, and learns some interesting facts: Prescott House is one of the housing and residence buildings on the Carleton University campus. First constructed in 2003, Prescott House was built as a suite residence. Consisting of six floors, Prescott House is home to 398 students, and has two elevators, and a laundry room on the tunnels level. The most recent death at Prescott House was Jacob Hess, who committed suicide in his dorm room in June, 2009. He was found dead by Roger Parterson, hung from a sheet over one of the room's rafters. Her gut tells Carole that something is going on at Prescott House, but before she can call Alexandra or Jennifer, business at the store beckons once more.

Constable Andrew Harkness and his partner, Eddie Hanson, continue their daily routine and are both pretty tired as the day starts to wrap up. As they prepare to head back to the precinct house to wrap up the day and file their reports, the two observe a young man careening wildly from side to side down the street they are near. He has the look of a student, and the two pull over and try to talk to him but the young man acts as if he's on drugs. Eddie pulls their squad car over to the curb, and Andrew exits the vehicle and approaches the young man. He is able to make out the young man's eyes are bloodshot, but there's nothing else unusual. The fellow tells Andrew his name is David Williams, but he doesn't know how he got to where he is. He looks haggard and panicky at the same time, and Andrew tells him that everything will be all right. David shouts, "No, no, it won't! It's after me, too!" and then takes off running down the street. Cursing, Andrew rushes in pursuit of the young man, Eddie calling it in to their dispatcher, before he hauls ass and goes after Andrew and the perp. Andrew catches up with the kid and tackles him, as Eddie pulls up to where his partner is. They decide to take the kid in to the precinct, but not before Andrew sees that David has a Carleton U. student ID.

Back at Carleton U., Ronald James and Jason arrive outside Prescott House, and see that Alexandra and Constable Clarke are waiting for them. Once introductions are made all around, the Constable leads the player envoys and Ronald James into the building and towards the tunnel entrance, as Alexandra and Ronald James discuss camera angles and various other matters. When she asks, Jason tells Alexandra that he'd rather not comment on matters on camera, as he's not qualified to do so. Alexandra tells him he's probably more qualified than the police forensic expert, but he wonders why she called him in on the case. Reaching the area of the Carleton tunnels, Constable Clarke clears their presence with the other policeman, a Constable Jones who's on duty down there, and Jones moves off. While Ronald James sets up the camera for the story, Alexandra and Jason examine the area. Jason tells her that he's found the blood residue from Helen Johnson's death, but he points out that there's something else - some reddish and yellow residue that isn't blood. Examining it more closely, Jason concludes that it might be paint, oil paint. Alexandra and Jason turn their attention to the nearby painting, that Constable Bradley tells them (after consulting his notebook) is called "Spying Out the Pieces". This mural, which is some 11 feet high and 5 feet wide, covers part of the eastern wall near the entrance to the Prescott House residence. It depicts a scene of a residence (possibly Prescott House), and various students and others going about their respective lives. The painting is worked in reds, greens, blacks, yellows, and whites. Alexandra attempts a Sense the Unknown on the area of the mural [she turns a Token Dark], and feels slick, oily, and smells a putrid smell. The feel of the Unknown is very strong, and very focused, there is a sense of *purpose* here, but she gets an overwhelming sense of nausea that interrupts her. [She fails the Horror Resolve check, and takes a Minor Trauma and suffers -10 WPR.] [The Unknown becomes aware of the envoys, and a new Dark Token is added to the table.] Jason's doctorly instincts take over, and he takes Alexandra aside, administers some smelling salts, and determines that she'll be all right. She tells him what happened to her near the mural, and he is quite concerned. She proceeds to where Ronald has set up the camera, and though he comments she's a bit pale, they record the segment.

At the police precinct, Andrew and his partner are filing their report, and talking to their superior, Captain Dennehy. They learn that David Williams is indeed a student at Carleton University, but he seems to be oblivious to where he is. He keeps saying something about the painting coming alive, and that he was next, and he remembers fleeing "wherever I was". They've brought in a psychiatrist for a consult, but it may take some time. Eddie Hanson tells him that they're both off the clock, but Andrew tells him that he's going to stick around a bit longer. Eddie suspects something, but stays mum. Andrew goes down to the interrogation rooms, and watches as the psychiatrist, Dr. Donna Weller, questions the young man at length.

Friday night's game session of the Chill 3rd Edition RPG campaign went very well, and I thought a good deal of progress was made with both the plot, and with getting various characters involved in the ongoing case. Both DavidM and Mark got more involved this session, largely because the other players brought them into the fold (so to speak), and because my goddaughter had to leave the game after the first hour or so and take care of some stuff. That said, the game session had some interesting revelations made, and the players got into the spirit (no pun intended!) quite nicely.

Overall, a lovely game session of Chill 3rd Edition, with some good creepy moments. I can't wait until the next session of this campaign continues. :)
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