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A Bad Afternoon

Had my five- or six-week session of feet care at the Footcare clinic that I go to this afternoon.

It was not a good session. I have developed a hammertoe on my driving foot, and the pain during today's treatments was kind of fierce. To add to the matters, I've got several red areas on my toes that the footcare clinician said aren't infections, but more likely due to rubbing of either socks or shoes on the affected areas. I'll be having to take better care of my feet, and keep an eye on this problem for the near future.

On the way home, I stopped off at the bank to take care of some banking transactions that I needed to make. Good thing, too. I am really effing tired of the low value of the Canadian dollar, and today we can make that effing squared! In addition, I forgot about the dollar conversion rate for some of the Kickstarters that I've recently backed, and this has just bitten me in the ass. I think I won't be backing an Kickstarter projects for the next while, much as I might want to, and my rpg purchases are going to have to be curtailed for some time as well. Awww, nuts! :(
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