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A Busy Weekend Ahead

It's Friday.

Promises to be a very busy weekend, and that's not taking into account the effects that the forthcoming (supposed) snowfall will play in matters.

This evening, I'll be gaming with the Friday night gaming group, if the weather doesn't put the kibosh on that. This means I'll be running Chill 3rd Edition tonight, and am quite looking forward to seeing how this goes.

However, I won't be gaming with the Sunday gaming group this weekend. I'll be leaving on early Saturday morning for Toronto, as my cousin's wedding is happening on Sunday, and so will be out of town for both days. It'll be good to get out of Ottawa for a bit, to be honest, and I'll take a couple of books (not gaming related) to read for the trip, and any spare time that I get.

I'll be getting back to Ottawa sometime during the middle of the evening on Sunday, so have no idea how ready and willing (let alone able) my body will be for getting back to work on Monday.

Speaking of work, back to it.
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