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Home From Toronto

Got home from the airport about ten minutes ago.

The flight to Toronto on Saturday morning was a bit choppy with a good deal of turbulence, and that didn't sit well with my stomach, but the return trip this evening was pretty smooth sailing (well, flying), and all right as these things go. Security at the airports was very tight, but that's to be expected at the moment, I suppose, given all that's been happening in the world these past few weeks.

The trip to Toronto went relatively well. I had a good time at the wedding and it was nice to see some family members that I've not seen in a while. There were times where I felt like the odd man out, but such is to be expected with being single at my age, I guess.

Anyway, it is good to be home. I've made a cup of hot tea and am having a cream cheese on rye sandwich with it, and then off to bed. Packing can wait, as I have to work tomorrow, and I think I'm going to be very tired for most of Monday.

So, what have I missed? :)
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