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The Weekend That Is/Was

Today is a day off. We celebrate a Civic Holiday in Canada today, and so I'm not at work. Thus, the weekend is not technically over.

Good thing, too. The weekend was somewhat strenuous. Friday night, I was able to play in the Hollow Earth Expedition game that my friend, Nick, has running. You can read about the game in this latest blog entry, and I've got to say that I had a blast. It's actually been a while since I had the chance to play in a non-playtest of something, and I could easily see myself playing in a campaign, if Nick chooses to continue this at some point (as I hope he will).

I spent Saturday doing grocery shopping and picking up a few things that I need for my trip next week (Goddess, is it that close to going already? Sheesh!!), and came home somewhat tired and a bit headachy. spross dropped by after he got off work and dropped off a couple of things, and we talked about the mess/hassles with his HEX scenario. I'm still not sure he understands the time limit and pressure he's got on him to finish the scenario in time for Gen Con Indy and all, but the ball's in his court and all. I answered a bit of e-mail Saturday night, talked on the phone with a couple friends, and went to bed relatively early (around 10:30 pm) - and couldn't sleep. *sigh*

Was up at around 7:00 am Sunday morning, and couldn't sleep. Took care of stuff around the house in the morning, and then waited for the afternoon game stuff to happen. spross showed up around 11:35 am, a bit earlier than I expected, but that was cool. Suffice it to say that Tammy, oni_neko, and I struggled through the afternoon's playtest of spross's HEX scenario, and by the time we finished, was a bit better than it had been, but it still seems extremely rough in shape and style. I was exhausted and had a bad headache when we finished; I had thought that I would ask oni_neko to stick around so we could work on her character for Desolation (which I'll be running after Gen Con), but just didn't feel up to that. (Good thing too, as you can read from oni_neko's journal from Sunday evening...) Watched some tv Sunday night, and to be honest, felt completely "off" in both mind and body. Went to bed relatively early, but didn't sleep all that well, again.

And when I woke up this morning, well... I think I have a cold. I was feeling pretty lousy most of last week, but attributed that to the long hours at work and all, but this morning woke up with a stuffy head, painful sinuses, and the whole bit. I really hope this is just something minor, and all. Oh, well, I guess I'll see how things shape up. *sigh*
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