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A Friday Morning Thought or Two

It's Friday. Thank Goddess.

After the week that I've had, I could really use the time off this weekend. While I've got the two gaming sessions of the Chill 3rd Edition game this evening (Friday) and on Sunday, I really need to chill out (no pun intended) for the weekend.

Work this morning is the usual hectic affair that it is on Fridays, and the morning is going to be keeping me busy.and today is not an exception. Ah well, it keeps me off the streets. :)

The dentist appointment yesterday? Not pleasant, and somewhat worse than I feared. It turns out I didn't chip the tooth, I actually cracked it. On the side, at the level of the gum. I'll be having a few dentist appointments this month and next (like I need the added stress of these!), and the hope is that he can do something so I don't lose the tooth completely.

Anyway, no more thinking about that for now. Back to work, and a cup of hot tea.
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