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Mixed Bag Friday Night

Last night was a mixed bag.

As noted elsewhere, I had a game session of the Chill 3rd Edition with the Friday night group. Things didn't go as I had planned them. I don't know whether it was something that I ate or a reaction to the stress of Thursday (not going into or rehashing that here), but I was sick as a dog with nausea and some bad diarrhea last night. Four bouts of it over the course of the evening. Suffice it to say, the gaming session didn't go as I expected it to, nor did we get in as much gaming as I (and the players) would have liked.

That said, the gaming session was pretty good, for what gaming I did get in. More about that in the separate blog about the Chill 3rd Edition session later today, once I get the notes transcribed.

I'm feeling extremely tired and worn out this morning, and am contemplating going back to bed, but don't really want to. Meh. Am hoping that a hot shower will fix me up and give me a better attitude this morning.
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