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Busy Work Week Ahead

It's the start of a new week, and it promises to be a busy one.

I've got at least one dentist appointment this week (whether there's more than one will depend on how the Tuesday appointment goes, and what the dentist decides can be done about my now hurting broken tooth), and there's an appointment with the gastroenterologist on Wednesday. Add to that work for the week, an appointment to see a Bank of Montreal bank manager, and a couple of other things, and well...busy week, like I said.

On the gaming front, I'm supposed to game with the Wednesday and Friday night groups, but whether I do so will depend on what happens with the dentist this week. The scenarios for CanGames 2016 are coming along, though slowly, as I keep second guessing myself about plot elements and various aspects of the adventures, but with my attention focused in ten different directions these days, it's just a matter of getting things sorted and right, I hope.

Speaking of which, back to matters at hand here at the office.
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