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About Dentist and Doctor Appointments

The appointment with the dentist yesterday went somewhat as expected.

The dental hygienist did my tooth cleaning, and it didn't hurt as much as it usually does (or at least as I remember it). I made a joke that maybe I'm suffering now from oral neuropathy as well, but this didn't wash as there were times during the cleaning that there was definite pain. When she had finished, the dentist came in and took a look at the tooth where I've cracked it, and he said that it may not be fully cracked, just the filling at the side and base of the tooth. He took another, different angle, x-ray, but the result was inconclusive. He told me that it has to wait until the New Year, as he's fully booked for stuff, but that if there's a cancellation, the office will get back to me.

The cleaning took a little over an hour, and by the time it was finished, my jaws were aching and there was some swelling visible on my cheeks. I got home, took a couple of pills, and then took a nap for a bit. The swelling hadn't gone down too much by the time supper rolled around, but I managed to eat some barbecued chicken, so that was all right.

I woke up this morning still pretty sore, but feeling a bit better, though I have an appointment with the gastroenterologist this afternoon. Have no idea how that's going to shake out.

In the meantime, my jaws are still aching somewhat, and my teeth are a bit sensitive. I guess that's to be expected.

I'm supposed to game with the Wednesday night group this evening, but don't know whether I will yet or not. While I really want to run some Chill 3rd Edition this evening, I'm not sure my jaw is up to it.
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