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Roleplaying Game Ramblings

Most of the folks who know me are aware that my tastes in RPGs are somewhat eclectic and have changed over the years.

Something that I've been giving some thought to of late has been what I really want to run gaming-wise. Part of this may be due to the fact that I feel that I'm not getting any younger any longer, and am not sure how many years of gaming I have left. My mind could go, my vision could go, and that's just due to old age, not even taking into account the diabetes. A second part of this has come down to the fact that I don't feel that I'm enjoying some of what I've been running the last half dozen or so years. This is also partially due to the sheer amount of money that I've spent on various games the last 10 years or so, money that I feel has been flushed down the toilet in some ways.

So let me give you some brief thoughts on the games that I'm running these days.

Chill 3rd Edition RPG - Truth be told, I'm so glad that I started running the game again, even if I am using the new version of the game from Growling Door Games. It's given me the chance to stretch my wings a bit with some good, old-fashioned horror gaming and the game mechanics are simple enough for my feeble old brain to keep straight.

Primeval RPG - Even though it's been a while since I ran the game on any of the gaming groups, this remains to this day one of my favourite games, and allows me to really exercise my amateur palaeontologist. I will definitely run this game again in the new year.

Atlantis: The Second Age RPG - My love of sword & sorcery has never really died, but several players in the gaming groups would prefer to play more epic fantasy, and I've not really decided what I want to do about this game. I love running it, the rules are easy enough, and Goddess knows I bought enough stuff for the game, but we'll see what happens in 2016...

River of Heaven RPG - This really is my go to game for science fiction these days, but I got a bit soured on the game by the play of one of the gaming groups. I definitely will come back to this to run, but for now science fiction is on hold with my gaming groups.

And that leads me to the following: Two of the roleplaying games that I really love are both ones that I abandoned for various reasons years ago. And I've come to realise that I need to run both these games, but more importantly, *want* to run both these games.

Space: 1889 RPG - Many moons ago I ran this game from the folks at GDW Games, and loved the game universe, but the mechanics left me cold. I ran it for a period of time in the 1980s, and revisited it in the early 1990s as well. Now, with the English translation of the German version of Ubiquity Space: 1889 (the link is to the Kickstarter, since there's no English web page yet), I want to get back to this Victorian science fiction rpg that some consider to have been the first steampunk rpg (which I still don't). Just have to wait for my copy of the new version of the game to show up.

Fvlminata: Armed with Lightning RPG - This alternate history Roman roleplaying game with a gunpowder edge to it has always been my favourite Roman rpg (and can even be run, as I did for a while, in a gunpowder-less way. Less about combat and more about social intrigue in Roman society, Fvlminata is a game that I am going to get back to for completely selfish reasons.

Anyway, this LJ post has rambled on somewhat, but I feel that I've sorted out my roleplaying thoughts, come to a couple of decisions, and am feeling much better about stuff right now. :)
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