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Saturday Morning Thoughts

It's Saturday morning in Ottawa. Another unseasonable winter day in December here, with an expected high of some 7oC once more.

It's not that warm out at the moment, but the sun is shining. I'm just headed out to do some grocery shopping and pick up a couple of veggies and the like for tonight (since I'm thinking of a stir fry for supper).

No real plans for the rest of the day, though I do intend to go into the storage cupboard here at the house and see if I can dig out the materials that I have for the Fvlminata: Armed with Lightning roleplaying game (hopefully spross will come by to help me do this, as my back and left ankle are pretty bad these days). I also need to spend some time this weekend trying to put the finishing touches to one of the two Chill 3rd Edition scenarios for CanGames since May, 2016 is coming up pretty fast (or so it seems to me at the moment).
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