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Friday Night Game Report - Chill 3rd Edition Session 8

Last night, the Friday night gamers continued to play in their Chill 3rd Edition RPG campaign. Here are the game session notes. You can read about the previous session of the campaign in this journal entry. This blog entry is somewhat long, so I've put it behind a cut so that folks who don't want to read any detailed rpg posts don't have to.


Alexandra "Alex" Scott (Kathy) - Television Journalist
Carole LaFlamme (Angela) - Bookstore Owner
Constable Andrew Harkness (DavidM) - Police Officer
Jennifer Upton (Ellie) - Sophomore University Student
Doctor Jason Harris (Mark) - Doctor

March 13th, 2014 (Thursday)

Since she has the rest of the day off from classes, Jennifer Upton decides to get some of her course work done, but is distracted by her thoughts about the case. She's convinced that Helen Johnson's investigations are what got her killed, but she can't figure out some of the clues. She calls Constable Andrew Harkness, and gets him to agree to meet her at one of the small coffee shops near the Carleton U campus (she's eager to get away from Carleton U. for a bit).

At LaFlamme Books, Carole LaFlamme and her husband, Karl, discuss matters about the bookstore, and realise that times are tough and that they have to find some new merchandise to attract customers away from the chain bookstores. She promises Karl that she'll go and check out some of the other bookstores around, and do some research outside, and he goes and serves some more customers. Carole does some research on creatures like what the other player characters feel they're dealing with, and comes across references to a Muse or Paint Demon-like creature [she gets a Colossal Success, and turns a Token Light]. She learns a good deal of information about it, but decides to talk to Jennifer about the stuff she learns first. She tells Karl that she's going out to do some of the research that she promised him, and he says that he and Suzie [Lennon] can hold down the fort.

After what she had learned from Jason Harris, Alexandra Scott collects the doctor after his work shift, and the two pay a visit to the Coroner's Office. They ask to see the examiner, Dr. Jonas Rachilden, and with a bit of persuasion on Alexandra's part [she turns two Tokens Dark, for a +20 bonus to her TN], the examiner agrees to see them. Jason befriends the man, using medical matters as a means of breaking the ice, and the two learn from him that he actually saw the paint on Jacob Hess's body move. "As if it were alive..." Rachilden whispers. Alexandra attempts to Sense the Unknown [and turns a Token Dark to gain +10 to the TN], and discovers that the medical examiner has a slight taint of the Unknown about him. They talk a bit longer with Dr. Rachilden about the matter, calming him down and soothing his nerves somewhat, but learn little more from him other than to confirm the Coroner's report on the death.

At the coffee shop, Andrew and Jennifer sit and discuss matters after engaging in some pleasantries. Jennifer tells Andrew what she learned from Helen Johnson's journal, but says there are some questions it raises. The two don't seem comfortable talking to each other, but are making do. Once they finish talking about Helen, Andrew tells Jennifer about David Williams, the student who seems to be mixed up in these events somehow, but doesn't violate his police code of conduct. She tells him that she doesn't know David Williams, but agrees that everything Andrew told her makes sense in terms of what's been going on. Carole calls Jennifer, and asks where she is at the moment. When she tells her, Carole says that she'll meet them there shortly.

After leaving the Coroner's office, Jason tells Alexandra that he's got to get back to the hospital for some "catching up" time (doing reports, that sort of thing), and he'll see her later possibly, depending on his social obligations. Alexandra heads back to the office, and looks up what information she can about Dierdre Connell. She finds out that Dierdre was a dark-haired girl, age 21, and a student of theology at Carleton University, who was in her third year of pursuing her degree. She was a friend of Helen Johnson, having first met her back in 2011. She disappeared the night of August 11th, 2013 near Prescott House. There's some evidence in reports and her on-line Facebook entries that she might have been having an affair with one of the Religious Studies professors but no specifics of who it is are provided. There's also an entry from police of a suspected break-in at Dierdre's dorm room at Carleton U., but that's chalked up to a jealous dorm roommate of hers, Richard Devlin.

Carole joins Jennifer and Andrew at the coffee shop, and tells them what she's learned about the Muse or Paint Demon. Properly called Muse Demons (these creatures can be associated with any form of art or creative endeavour), these creatures of the Unknown are very rare and survive and live on creative energy. They are incorporeal, but can manifest as elements or portions of a piece of art derived from the imagination of the artist they've influenced. They inhabit the artwork of the first piece created by the creator, and become linked to it. They're attracted to artists for various reasons, and insinuate themselves into the artist's life, sometimes driving them insane, but always feeding somehow off them (the research she did wasn't clear). They tend to kill those who get too close to the artist and their secret, but sometimes imprison them in a piece of artwork. Finally, Carole says that according to the lore, the only way to destroy a Muse Demon is to destroy the original piece of artwork that it got the artist to create. The three regard each other, and Jennifer says what's on all their minds - that Dierdre Connell may not have disappeared after all... and they need to tell Alexandra and Jason what they've learned, and decide what to do about it...

Friday night's game session of the Chill 3rd Edition campaign was a really good one, full of roleplaying moments, interesting bits of research being done, and the players and their characters learning some stuff that surprised them. I had a fun evening running this session, and enjoyed the looks of consternation on the faces of the players when we wrapped up for the night. The players told me that they think the situation the characters are dealing with has just gotten more complicated, but I merely smiled at their supposition.

Overall, a good night's play of Chill 3rd Edition, and I'm looking forward to next week's game session quite a bit. :)
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