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Beijing Smog

Just been catching up on a bit of the news, and I was reading the story about the pollution in Beijing, as this is very relevant to the athletes that are going over there.

To be honest, I'm not sure I would want to go over to Beijing for any reason, let alone as a spectator, for the Olympics. The air quality is expected to be that of a men's smoking room on a bad day or that of Los Angeles on one of its worst smog days, multiplied by a factor of 10. This makes me wonder about the health safety of the athletes who are going to attend these Olympics, and also gives me pause in terms of whether any of the times that athletes are going to post up in the various events will come close to the records set at other world athletic competitions the last few years, given to the physical stress, exertion, and sheer lack of breathable air that they will all have to face up to there.

All told, I'm really glad that I won't be going to Beijing for the Olympics, either as a spectator and (especially so) an athlete.
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