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Freezing (Rain) Monday Morning

Absolutely nasty Monday morning outside.

I woke this morning feeling somewhat tired, and a bit achy in various places. Looked outside to see what was happening when I went upstairs to eat breakfast, and the freezing rain was coming down. Uggh! Ickk! The temperature was hovering around 0oC (though it's supposed to go up to around 4 or 5 by late afternoon), and by the time I went out to head for work, I was glad that I wasn't going to do any driving today. Ever since I fell down the stairs and nearly broke my back on the ice lo these many moons ago, I've been pretty scared of having to deal with freezing rain.

I got to work around the usual time this morning, and was pleased to have taken the taxi in to work, though I've noticed that some of the folks who are usually here by this time are getting in late. It's an abbreviated work week, of course, with Christmas happening on Friday, so I am expecting a hectic first three days of the work week. Of course, a lot of peoples' heads won't be at work for the week. We'll see what happens.
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