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Movie(s) Wednesday, No Gaming Tonight

It seems to be another relatively warm day here in the Ottawa valley. So far, this has been such a bizarre bunch of weather for this time of year, but I'm not complaining. Better rain than snow, though I can do without the freezing rain.

Work is very slow this morning, and I've actually decided to take off from the office somewhat early today, as the boss and most of the folks aren't in the office today. I'm actually going to head out of the office today around 11:45 am or so, and will actually go to an afternoon showing of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. This evening, Kathy, DavidM, Ellie, Crystal, and I will be going to see an early showing of The Good Dinosaur. Looking forward to this "movie day". :)

Since we're seeing a movie tonight, the Wednesday gaming group will not be playing their session of Chill 3rd Edition this evening, but that session of the game had already been called off because Donna and DavidW already had Christmas-y plans for this evening. I'll miss the gaming session, but am looking forward to the movie(s).
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