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Sunday Morning Thoughts

It's Sunday morning. The last Sunday in December.

The weather this morning is more winter-like, sad to say. It's a mix of freezing rain, snow, and rain, sitting predominantly on the side of the snow and freezing rain, with the temperature expected to be around the 0</sup>o</sup>C mark for the day, but dropping down to around -9 degrees C overnight. Dare I think that winter may well be on the way?

Spent a relatively quiet afternoon yesterday, relaxing and taking it easy. Did a little bit of work completing the fifth and final player character for the first of the Chill 3rd Edition scenarios for CanGames 2016. All that's left to do for the scenario is to type up the case in a neat, formatted style, and the first adventure will be complete. Then I can move on to the second one.

On the subject of Chill 3rd Edition, spent the evening with the Friday gaming group playing the game, and started a brand new case with them. I'll blog about that later today or tomorrow, depending on gaming today with the Sunday afternoon group.

On the health front, my left foot and ankle are bothering something fierce, moreso due to the cold and damp weather that's returned, and the Pinkeye that I'm suffering from seems to be getting worse, not better. I'm having problems seeing out of the right eye, and the burning and itching is a little bit distracting. May have to go and see a doctor during the week, if this doesn't start to clear up. Or perhaps it's not Pinkeye at all, and is something else that I need to get checked out.
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