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What I Did on Sunday

Yesterday was a relatively quiet day for the most part.

With the Sunday game session cancelled, meaning I didn't get to run Chill 3rd Edition, I figured I'd spend a peaceful afternoon and evening, and for the most part it was.

Kathy called my house at around 12:35 in the afternoon, asking if I would mind if she and Ellie came over to the house. She needed a break from the Christmas stuff, and thought Ellie would do good spending some time with me for the afternoon, so they showed up along with Crystal, and we spent a relaxing afternoon just chatting, playing a boardgame or two (two rounds of Pandemic and a round of Dragonriders of Pern) and then breaking for some supper (roast chicken, salad, side veggie -broccoli, and basmati rice) before relaxing into the early evening. After they'd left for the evening, I washed the dishes, transcribed my notes on Saturday night's Chill 3rd Edition session (which I'll blog about later today, I hope), and just chilled out (no pun intended) before taking my insulin injection and heading for bed.

Lovely day, to be honest, relaxing. Just what I needed. And spending time with three of my favourite people didn't hurt. :)
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