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A Trip to the Hospital

As noted in this morning's LJ post, the problem with my right eye had gotten severe enough that I considered seeking medical attention for it.

Since the family doctor's office is closed until January 4th, I decided to seek treatment at one of the walk-in clinics near me. But alas, none of them were open today due to the holiday weekend and the fact that many of the doctors were on vacation. That left me but one option...the hospital.

I got to the Ottawa General around 1:45 pm, and without going into any detail, the doctor that I saw there came to the diagnosis of a severe type of Pinkeye. One that required some hospital strength antibiotic eyedrops, but no further treatment, though he told me to go and see my family doctor as soon as possible.

Anyway, by the time I stopped off for my antibiotic for the eyes at the pharmacy and some supper at Subway and then took it home, it was close to 6:00 pm. So a relatively speedy trip through the hospital system today, and am back home safe and what passes for sound, though things are somewhat blurry and I'm coughing somewhat more than I was before I left home.

That's enough for one day.
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