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The Year That Was

A new year. A time for reflection. A time for memories.

Up until last year, I always did a Year in Review entry about things in a lot of detail. Last year, I changed it up and didn't do that, only something along the lines of a year's perspective. I've come to realise that the year is done. Life has wound its course for 2015, and there's no point dwelling on it too much. That's not to say that I won't remember 2015. I am, I do, and I will. But I can't live in the past, though I can certainly learn from what happened last year.

For me personally, the year's real sticking point (no pun intended!) has been my life on insulin. I started taking evening insulin back in November of 2014 (12 years after being diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes), and 2015 was the first full year on the injections. This required some changes in my lifestyle and how I approached daily life, and I like to think that it was a good change. I've lost a bit of weight, my sugars are (somewhat) under control, and I'm learning more about the insulin therapy every day.

I can't honestly say there were a lot of 2015 highlight and lowlights that I'll look back on with any real fondness or annoyance, but there were a few of both during the course of the year. I like to think that I'm a better person for what happenend in 2015, but there's room for improvement, and I hope to be a better person yet again in 2016.

That's really all I have to say about 2015.

Now? It's time to look forward. And all the good/great stuff that's going to happen this year.
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