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Friday Night Game Report - Fvlminata: Armed with Lightning Character Creation

Last night (Friday), the usual gaming group met up for gaming purposes, but pulled a bit of a surprise on me, to say the least. I was expecting the players to come out and play their session of the continuing Chill 3rd Edition campaign, but they dropped a bit of a bomb on me... They wanted to take one night off from the game for the moment and create their player characters [personae] for the Fvlminata: Armed with Lightning RPG. To say that I was surprised was an understatement, but fortunately I've been working on the game of late, so I was quite pleased to take them through this process.

Once the players all showed up for the evening, a little bit after 7:00 pm, we did some catching up on how the New Year's Eve stuff had played out, and thoughts for the current year, and then got down to business. I started off going through the basics of what the world of the Roman Empire is/was like, answered a slew of questions from various players (as only Kathy and Ellie even remembered the last time I'd run the game, and Ellie didn't recall too much given how young she was at the time) covering a variety of subjects, and then got into the players' likes and dislikes about things Roman. Character generation in Fvlminata: Armed with Lightning is really quite simple once you get past the basics of the game (see the write-up on Claudius Edipius Macarus that I posted earlier today), and the players were quite jazzed to get going and do up their personae.

Suffice it to say, the evening was an interesting one, with the players having a good time of character creation, and hashing out quite a few issues surrounding their personae and the relationships of said personae. An interesting mix, to be sure.

Kathy - She's in the habit of playing a certain type of character in my roleplaying games (as most folks who read my journal know), but decided to take a different route here. She's playing the eldest daughter of the merchant family, Longina Rufia, a young woman with red hair and a fiery temper, and is something of a scholar and a bit temperamental, especially when it concerns her family's desire to get her married. Looks to be a promising character.

Angela - Angela wasn't sure what she wanted to play, but she settled on the second daughter of the Longinus family, Lucretia Longina, she's married to the second son, Marcus, and is something of a wine connoisseur, a busybody and gossip, and pretty good at maths. She's also got a bit of a sordid past.

David - David debated what he wanted to play for a bit, but settled on the son of a wine merchant, Decius Longinus Eborius, whose family are having some financial troubles. He's a bit of a playboy, and gets himself into trouble often.

Ellie - My goddaughter was looking forward to playing this game, as she has fond memories of it from when she was exceedingly young. She's playing Ferria Longina, the daughter of Ferrianus, the third son of the family. A bit of a tomboy, she sneaks out of the family domus and associates with several "street people". Her mother's worried about her.

Mark - Mark was pretty definite that he didn't want to play a member of the immediate family, and decided to create a Greek doctor [medicus] by the name of Heresides the Younger. He's a decent fellow, shunned by his family for "consorting" with Romans, and is in love with Longina Rufia (Kathy's persona).

Overall, I was rather impressed with the player characters that the Friday night gamers created for the Fvlminata RPG, and think there's a good mix in there for the game. And a rather tight-knit family with some interesting...problems, and ordeals ahead of them. Both Angela and Mark were quite pleased with themselves at what they created pesona-wise, and Ellie was over the moon at the chance to get to play this game.

All in all, it was a good night of character creation. I'm looking forward to starting the Fvlminata: Armed with Lightning game up when the players finish the current Chill 3rd Edition game they're playing in. Should be an interesting game, to be sure. :)
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