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Last Night's Gaming

The Friday night gaming group decided they wanted to play "something" last night, so I went to SteveB and Kathy's place out in the west end of Ottawa last night.

I wanted to run some Hollow Earth Expedition last night, as I'm out of practice to so speak, having not run anything since the end of June. Add to that the fact that I actually wanted to see how spross's Hollow Earth Expedition scenario for Gen Con Indy would run, so it wasn't all that difficult to talk the Friday nighters into "playtesting" the game.

In any event, I will be talking to spross about the results of play and all from last night, so will do that later today when I see him. We finished playing last night around 1:00 am, so I got home around 2:00 am or so. Fell into a light sleep it seemed, due to the humidity outside and in the house, and had some viciously nasty dreams (don't remember of what, but I remember they were viciously nasty).

Plan to go out and do a bit of vegetable shopping and the like, so I have food for tomorrow and Monday in the house, and then have to do some packing up of the gaming stuff that I need to take with me to Indianapolis.

The rest of the weekend looks light. oni_neko will be over tomorrow to create her characters for my Hollow Earth Expedition and Desolation rpgs, so I'm looking forward to that. After that, I want to see if I can finish reading the book I'm working through right now before I head to Gen Con, and have to figure out what reading material to take with me for the flights.
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