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Saturday Morning Thoughts

It's Saturday morning.

I'm feeling relatively all right this morning, other than some pain in my left foot and ankle, and a twinge or two in my back. Somewhat tired after a longer night than usual last night.

I had a good gaming session last night with the Friday night group, and they rather enjoyed the Chill 3rd Edition evening of it, though we finished a bit later than I had planned. I plan to transcribe the game notes up to the blog this afternoon at some point, but we'll see how that goes.

I'm hoping that I can convince spross to do a bit of grocery shopping with me today if he decides to drop over. There's veggies and the like that I've run out of and need, so with luck...

Made a couple of boiled eggs for breakfast this morning. Haven't done that in a bit, and it made for a nice change. Anyway, time for the morning shower, and then a bit of work on my DragonQuest gaming stuff that I'm working on. After that, we'll see...
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