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The Best Laid Plans...

...oft result in problems. *sigh*

I was able to convince spross this afternoon to go and do some grocery shopping and while we were at it, stop off at mom's to pick up some stuff that she wanted me to have food-wise. She also decided that she'd come with us to Farm Boy, but would stay in the car, and then SteveR could drop her off with me back at the house.

Mom's health of late necessitated that she go in the front seat, and that I go in the back. I didn't realise which car SteveR had today until we went out to head for mom's place. It's his dad's car, and let's just say that the seats are a bit hard, and the back seat was pretty...uncomfortable.

To make a long story short, I managed to get the veggie shopping done. By the time we got back to the house, I was in a great deal of back pain, and it has not eased off at all. I think I've tweaked or re-triggered the bulging disc on the left side of my back, and I'm in agony now. I had planned to do all manner of stuff this afternoon and evening, notably work on some gaming stuff and post the Chill 3rd Edition game session report from last night, but I'm not up to that.

I've taken a bunch of pills, and am heading for bed and some rest for my back. Suspect I'll sleep a bit too, and then see what happens for supper this evening.
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