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Thoughts of the Weekend Past

It's Monday morning. The start of the work week. Another weekend wrapped up.

I'm sitting in the office this morning, and musing over what passed for the weekend. Aside from the weather, including another major snowfall last night, the weekend was pretty decent other than Saturday's business with my back. (See this blog entry for more on that.) My back is bothering somewhat still, but the pain has subsided somewhat and I've not taken painkillers yet today, so that's a good sign. That said, another slow day at the office this morning, but it'll likely pick up a bit as the day goes on.

Gaming with the Friday night group was a lot of fun, and the players and I really enjoyed the game session of the Chill 3rd Edition campaign that we played. I spent some time on Saturday morning working on some DragonQuest game stuff as well, but the rest of Saturday was pretty much a loss after the shopping trip and back fiasco. I was supposed to run Fvlminata: Armed with Lightning (sorry, no link to the game version that I'm running) on Sunday, but Tammy backed out of the session and I wasn't complaining about that at all, since it gave me time to rest and relax my back. I did a bit more sleeping during the day than I wanted, no doubt due to the painkillers I took, but also got some more work done on stuff for the DragonQuest RPG. I also submitted the final event, number four, for the CanGames convention (to be held the Victoria Day weekend here in Ottawa), but didn't really do a lot of stuff on Sunday.

A somewhat less productive weekend than I was hoping for, but such is life. And after Saturday, I needed the rest and healing time, so it was a successful weekend, as far as I'm concerned.
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