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A (Roleplaying) Game Afternoon

Had a long day at work, and was quite tired when I got home finally.

Took a nap for about 45 minutes or so this afternoon, and then started in again on re-formatting and typing in some of the DragonQuest RPG additional Skills that I added to the game many moons ago (I've now re-entered/re-formatted the Ranger additions, Acrobat, Archer, Armourer, Climb, Constable/Detective, Craftsman, Diplomat, Duellist, Fencing, Hand-to-Hand Combat, Herbalist, Hunter, and Knight Skills), though I've still got quite a few to go. After that, I took out the game material for one of the old scenarios that I wrote up in the good old days, and finally got around to typing it up as a file and saving that; it existed as strictly hand written notes up until now.

Anyway, I'll be gaming tonight with the Wednesday night group. They're going to be creating their player characters for the Fvlminata: Armed with Lightning RPG (I really need a decent link or two for the game, folks...anyone know of a good one?), so I'm looking forward to that. Some supper first, though.

Have a good evening folks.
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