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Thoughts on a Friday Morning

It's Friday morning. The end of the work week.

I'm eternally grateful that the end of the week is here. The week has been a mix of both good and bad. The early part of the work week was pretty dead, but that picked up for the end of the week, and yesterday (Thursday) and today have been hectic and busy. Which is all right, I guess, as it keeps me off the streets! :)

Weather in Ottawa this week has been a mix of brutally cold, sunny days and warmer days with lots of snow and/or freezing rain. Things seem to have evened out for the end of the week, and we'll see what the weekend brings, though my U.S. friends on the east coast look to be in for a lot of snow.

Health-wise, I'm all right. Nothing unusual happened this week, though the dentist appointment to replace the filling in the bottom of a lower right molar has resulted in a very painful right jaw for me, with soreness around the tooth itself. Hope that eases up during the weekend, since even with Tylenol sleep was not restful last night.

The week in gaming has been an interesting one as well. I've spent much of the week working on some old and new stuff for the DragonQuest RPG, but have done a bit of work on Fvlminata: Armed with Lightning (and created the player personae for the Wednesday night group), looked at a bit of stuff for the Atomic Highway game, and of course will be continuing the Chill 3rd Edition campaign with the Friday night gamers tonight. Seems like there's always something to do, gaming-wise.
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