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GenCon Housing Opens Today

Today, the GenCon Indy housing portal opens for folks attending the convention this year to book their hotel accommodation.

Given that the process hasn't changed from the one used last year, I have to admit that I'm relieved that I'm not going to the convention this year, and don't have to worry myself about booking a hotel room and all. (Especially given the fiasco that it was last year. Sure, some folks lucked out and booked where they wanted and for the duration they wanted, but I got screwed over on this, so... 'Nuff said.)

In any event, I only remembered about this today when I saw the piece of e-mail waiting for me early this morning. No wonder my stress levels are a bit down today. :)

That said, I do wish I could go to GenCon Indy this year, but it's just not possible. Too many other things going on, too much financial crunch for the year.
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