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Finished Event Submission for CanGames 2016

Something I forgot to mention this month...

As noted in this journal entry, I received my CanGames 2016 notice for submitting any rpg events that I want to run this year at the convention, scheduled for May.

Well, I sent the last of the GM forms with the games I want to run this year at CanGames with the game descriptions and times I would like to run my events at the convention back on January 17th, so now it's just a matter of getting the gaming material ready for the convention. I've received my notice that the four forms (for the games that I want to run) have been sent and received, so... When I hear back on the games and the times I've set up being confirmed, I'll definitely blog about them here.

For those who want to know, I'll be running four game sessions at this year's CanGames event. I'm planning to run one session of Primeval RPG, about temporal Anomalies and creatures from the past and future entering the modern day; one session of the Chill 3rd Edition game, of modern day horror; a session of the classic fantasy DragonQuest RPG; and a session of the alternate Roman Fvlminata: Armed with Lightning RPG.

The Primeval RPG will be good to run again at CanGames, since I haven't done so in a couple of years. I've got an interesting little scenario for this one, with a mix of characters that will be unusual for the game setting (though I hope the players will have fun playing them). The DragonQuest fantasy rpg is one that I'm coming back to this year (and will be my go-to game for fantasy from now on), and the scenario that I plan to run at CanGames will be one with a simple premise that folks will recognise from all sorts of genres, but this one will have a neat little twist to it. The Chill 3rd Edition scenario that I've got for this year is one that takes place during the early days of Ottawa (it wasn't even called Ottawa yet), and draws on Native American myth and legend as its inspiration. Should be fun, and hopefully not too deadly for the player envoys! :) Finally, the Fvlminata: Armed with Lightning adventure set against an alternate Roman Empire that never fell is one that I ran over a decade ago at CanGames, but I don't remember it getting any players to play in it. Sure hope things work out differently in this regard this year.

All of the scenarios are written, and I just have to do up the player characters for three of them, and stat out some beasties for the fourth game. So the work for the adventures I'll be running at CanGames is pretty much done. Yay for me! ::pat on the back::

So I hope I'll see some of you at CanGames 2016 this year, and playing in the games I'm GMing there.
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