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Friday Night Game Report - Chill 3rd Edition Session 13

Things have been hectic this week, with Real Life(tm) stuff going on, and my doing a bit of work on gaming things for other campaigns and convention scenarios as well. So I've not managed to blog this up until today. But better late than never, right? :)

Friday night (the 22nd), the Friday night gamers got together and continued to play in their Chill 3rd Edition RPG campaign. Here are the game session notes. You can read about the previous session of the campaign in this journal entry. This blog entry is somewhat long, so I've put it behind a cut so that folks who don't want to read any detailed rpg posts don't have to.


Alexandra "Alex" Scott (Kathy) - Television Journalist
Carole LaFlamme (Angela) - Bookstore Owner
Constable Andrew Harkness (David) - Police Officer
Jennifer Upton (Ellie) - Sophomore University Student
Doctor Jason Harris (Mark) - Doctor

March 25th, 2014 (Tuesday)

Around mid-afternoon, Sgt. Howard Conner gets back to Alexandra Scott about the deaths of Taylor Rogers and Andrea Whiteshour. Taylor Rogers was killed on March 19th, the apparent victim of a hit-and-run. All initial signs indicated this was the cause of death, but the coroner's report indicates there was a moderate degree of exsanguination, not accounted for by the blood found in the area of the hit-and-run, and there were two seeming teeth bites/marks on the left side of her neck. The autopsy showed high levels of adrenaline in the body, even two days after death, that the coroner can't account for. Andrea Whiteshour, on the other hand, was found dead in an alley, the victim of four stab wounds to her chest. There was a good deal of exsanguination, due to the stab wounds, but the coroner found that it was higher than could be accounted for due to the cause of death. In addition, the coroner found two teeth/bite marks on the victim's left neck. Alexandra asks him a few other questions about the conditions of the victims, noting that both appear to have been aged, and when they're done she thanks Sgt. Conner for his time, and tells him she owes him a drink. Once they hang up, Alexandra starts to look up some other stuff on the computer.

Jennifer Upton wraps up another of her classes at Carleton University, and heads for one of the local coffee shops in the area. There, she whips out her laptop, and does some basic research on the homeless and to find out more that she can about female homeless and Harmony House. She learns some shocking facts about the homeless, and indeed about their status in the Ottawa area, and her research on female homeless and Harmony House leads her to realise the importance of the role that the place has for displaced and homeless women in the Ottawa area. She notes an oddity in the various photos that she sees of Harmony House and some of the women, that a woman in her middle 30s with raven tresses and black hair, wearing an elegant business suit, appears to be in all the photos. [She turns a Token Dark, and adds +10 to the TN to succeed.] She's discomfited by the thought.

Carole LaFlamme pays her visit to the Ottawa Civic Hospital, and sees Dr. Hilda Matthews. She tells Dr. Matthews what she knows about what is going on, and having been updated by Halle Whadjat, Dr. Matthews tells her that she can help the SAVE operative. Under hypnosis, Carole relives the day and realises that there is a gap in her memory from a period at the bookstore, though Dr. Matthews can't probe deeper as she realises that Carole has been the victim of a vicious, memory-erasing Evil Way Discipline. After Carole comes out of the trance state, Dr. Matthews tells her what she's learned, and that she'll have to tell Halle Whadjat what she found. A worried, and somewhat disconsolate, Carole heads back for LaFlamme Books.

For most of the day, Constable Andrew Harkness has the strange feeling that he's being watched or followed, but can't spot anyone tailing him. He tells Eddie Hanson of his concerns, but his partner scoffs at this. On their lunch break, Andrew calls Alexandra Scott, but learns that she's not in the office and she's not answering her mobile phone. He tries Carole LaFlamme at the bookstore, but Karl tells her she's at an appointment in the west end, but should be back late in the day. Their lunch is interrupted as they are summoned to a convenience store robbery.

An exhausted Dr. Jason Harris finishes with his last case in the ER of the Ottawa General, and he decides to pay a visit to geriatrics and see Amy Schuyler. Their visit together is pleasant enough, though she's still in some shock about her rapid ageing. He tries to find out if she remembers anything else, but she doesn't, and so Jason decides enough is enough and calls it a day.

Alexandra Scott looks up the possible causes of the teeth marks on the two victims, but discounts most of what she finds there. She does find references to several occult creatures, notably the vampire and the incubus/succubus. She realises that it's the latter which might account for the ageing of the victims, but has no evidence nor proof of it being a supernatural creature of the Unknown behind matters. She decides she need to find out what SAVE knows about cases like this, but is called away by some duties for the evening news broadcast. It will have to wait.

Carole returns to the bookstore, and while she's evasive with Karl about where she was, she's eager to take a look at the store inventory and see what she can learn. She finds inventory listing for the book called Das Buch der Nacht, but there is no clear evidence as to who bought the book, though it is noted that the book was special ordered. She talks to Karl about it, but he doesn't remember anything about the book and is surprised to learn that he did special order it for a customer. She decides that she needs to talk to the other members of her SAVE cell about matters, as she realises something bad is going on.

Andrew finishes his shift on duty with his partner, Eddie Hanson, and the two return to the station house. As the two are finishing up, they catch a bit of the news and see Alexandra doing a follow-up story about the deaths of Taylor Rogers and Andrea Whiteshour. As the story continues, Andrew realises that there are similarities to the death of the homeless man, Tom Canty. He determines to talk to Alexandra as soon as he possibly can.

Evening finds Jennifer Upton downtown near Harmony House, and looking into matters, talking with various homeless people that she meets about what's happened recently. Several of the homeless people express their fears for their safety, but realise that the city is powerless to help them. Jennifer senses that someone is watching her, and gets the strange feeling that someone is following her around. She looks around, and spots the woman she saw in the photos earlier (middle 30s with raven tresses and black hair, wearing an elegant business suit under a trenchcoat) [she rolls a Colossal Success, and turns a Token Light]. A sense of fear comes over her, but she loses sight of the figure and decides that it's time to get out of there. Heading for the lights of Gladstone, Jennifer is suddenly confronted by the woman. The woman smiles, and shifts form into an attractive man with the same general features. He smiles at her, bearing what appear to be fangs...

Friday night's game session of the Chill 3rd Edition RPG went rather well, and was quite enjoyable on my part. The player characters are having a somewhat difficult time putting two and two together, but they're definitely getting closer to the heart of the matter (so to speak). Kathy and DavidM are wondering whether the various homeless deaths are connected, and even Mark's wondering about his patient, though I think things are pretty clear to all the characters. Everyone had a good time of it on Friday night, though Mark had to leave a bit earlier than usual for personal reasons, but the game session went pretty well.

A pretty satisfactory game session of Chill 3rd Edition on Friday night, and I'm looking forward to playing again on Friday night (weather and health, willing).
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