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I Have Been Remiss Gaming-Wise

Had a lovely time gaming with the Friday night group last night, but I realised something... I've been remiss.

When we started the gaming session of Chill 3rd Edition RPG last night, Kathy asked me where the blog of the game session from the week before was. And I realised... I hadn't posted it up to the LJ here, heck, I hadn't even transcribed the notes! ::sheepish look::

Part of the reason is that I've been doing a lot of work on the DragonQuest RPG and campaign stuff, as well as taking care of a few things for CanGames, 2016, and sort of...forgot to do the work on the transcribing of the notes and all.

Anyway, I'll correct this oversight as soon as I get the chance, so those interested in the gaming sessions can look forward to that. :)
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